Lubi Lubi Lubi

[Photo & Text: Ari Seth Cohen]
I’m in San Diego for my cousin’s Wedding so I thought I would call up one of my favorite Advanced Style ladies. I met Lubi at the New Museum a while back and have been inspired by her take on life and style ever since. Lubi works in science, but she has a great love for art and fashion. When we were talking she told me that she, “Dreams of Concrete” and can’t wait to move to New York where she can explore more of her creative passions. Lubi’s personal style is a mix of simple elegance with a touch of the avant garde

Lubi takes clean designs and accessorizes them to make them her own. Check out how she uses a basic white James Perse skirt and top to make three different unique and fashionable outfits. James Perse is one of her favorite brands because she can pair their comfortable basics with her personal touches to make wearable and artful combinations.

A few months ago I had Lubi write about letting her hair go silver and I thought I’d share it once again! I have many more photos of Lubi to post, but in the mean time enjoy her story below:

“Fashion often revolves around feeling “IN”, being safe and going along with the crowd. Well, not for me!. I was never fearful of being extraordinarily different. I was, as well, never ignored for my fashion style. For some reason, I was (I am) more considered different and somewhat mysterious than ignored. I might have been lost in my own fashion world. However, I was never unaware of what was being “IN” in the fashion industry. Looking through fashion magazines I always see something that might be barely visible to others. This is how I am able to create my own style in fashion. I was never behind on fashion, yet never quite “IN” fashion. Having said that, let’s talk about “ THE silver hair.”

At first, my hair started to develop pale, very blond streaks. These out of the blue pale stripes reminded me of platinum elegance! Nice! Very nice!!! But if you gazed at it thoroughly enough, my hair was getting gray. GRAY!!!!????. Well, some might recognize it as gray hair, age, genetics, stress, etc. I see it differently. I see it simply- SILVER. I see it as PLATINUM ELEGANCE!!!! To others it might represent a sign of age. To me it portrays a photograph of a lady brushed in silver glitter, kissed by California sun, ocean breeze and sea mist. To me, my silver hair is a MYSTERY of all mysteries.
Martin Luther said: “The hair is the richest ornament of a woman”. My portrait is painted silver. For now, I like it. Someday, I might paint it differently. “

  • Suella

    Great orange shoes. Interesting clothes.

    I applaud her for having the good sense to wear her hair the best color for the skin on her face. Anything else always looks a little "off" I feel. And Platinum Elegance sounds like a useful term for the process of converting at a growing number of our hair strands to white.

  • I am really thinking about dying my hair silver.
    I love her use of neutural colours <3

  • She looks Elegant Fun & Comfortable love those Red Boots

  • Lubi looks incredible in these photos. She is obviously very vibrant and confident. I love the pop of orange in her all white outfit. It's so bold and fun!

  • Classy elegance with a touch of colour. Brilliant!!!

  • Why only New York stylish? We have them in Sydney and Melbourne too…!

  • I think her hair looks beautiful! I love Lubi's style because it is timeless and elegant and she always dresses to flatter her body. Ari, your blog has given me so many fabulously stylish women to inspire me, thank you!