Fresh and Vintage

I saw this gentleman walking on the Upper West Side and asked if I could take his photo. He has a super cool look with his 70s style suit, aviator sunglasses, and paisley tie. It is guys like this, who still look great in items that they have had in their wardrobes for years, that really inspire me. His clothes may be old, but he looks fresh and hip!

  • I love the whole ensemble– but particularly the jacket and hat. Thanks for the post!

  • I agree, he is absolutely adorable. However, I believe his tie is paisley, not argyle.

  • He looks gr8! More stylish than most men I see walking in NYC.

  • So cute. His style reminds me of my Grandfather's before he moved to Miami.

  • Lovely and cuddly.

  • Fantastic! Great cap!

  • That is one cool suit! You know that if a younger man was wearing it he'd be all over the style hunting photo sites.

  • This gentleman is pulling off what is basically a leisure suit with great style and aplomb. The styling makes it super-sharp and fun!

  • This is a real and vintage gentleman!
    Funny !

    Thanks for share