Looking Great At 98

This stunning woman was walking down Madison Ave with her grandson when I asked if I could take her photo. She is a perfect mix of classic and trendy with her gray pantsuit and Hermes studded belt. I could barely believe when she told me that she was 98 years old.Doesn’t she look simply marvelous!

  • God love her! I hope I look that great when I'm that age!

  • Stunning! The people you find for your wonderful blog never fail to make my day.

  • oh bless her heart! she looks fabulous and cannot believe she is 98!



  • Oh she's gorgeous – I like the fact that she's dressed up her mannish suit with eye-catching accessories and a bright red lipstick.

  • Oh my God 98 that's amazing age and especially when she looks so stunning. Wish I would look like that when I'm 98 years old… (If I'll survive till then)

  • 98! she is just so, so amazing and beautiful. Xxxx

  • Everything about this woman shines. I aspire…..

  • WOW!!!

  • Wow — I am totally impressed. How wonderful to have a role model for aging with class and style. She is beautiful! Thank you for sharing these photos. At 56, I am inspired.

  • Wow she's 98 and looking great! I love her scarf great for the autumn weather xoxo

  • Nice wardrobe and mix of it too! She is as they say well-heeled and I think she is fab-U-lous !

  • sandy

    oh my god off to New York I come.

  • Well, she just raised the bar. Beautiful. Thank you.

  • Wow, 98. She looks wonderful! <3

  • she's gorgeous! = )

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  • I couldn't say it any better than Evalyn. Beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    She is an inspiration for sure. I can only hope to be so well put together when I get to be her age…

  • amazing!

  • Anonymous

    This lady is your most outstanding example of Advanced Style. She is completely outstanding. She is fantastic. What a classy, elegant, well-dressed presence!

    98 is looking fantastic!

    Vancouver, BC

  • Anonymous

    She is a truly remarkable woman with a story. I have known her for 27 years.She never looks anything but perfect and she never ages.

  • This beautiful woman provides hope and inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    She's my grandmother, and I will share your comments with her. Like any well dressed lady, she doesn't mind a compliment!

  • ari

    Maayan and I would love to do a more in depth interview with her if she would be interested. She is truly remarkable. Advanced Style is going to be featured in The New York Times again this Sunday or the Sunday following in the Metropolitan section. Please email me Advancedstyleinfo@gmail.com


  • I'm sort of speechless. This lady is an inspiration.