Off Broadway Beauty

I met this gorgeous lady at Off Broadway Boutique, while filming a spot with Lynn Dell for a German news program. She is a jewelry designer who not only shops at Lynn’s boutique but sells there as well. Stop by the store and say hi to all the lovely ladies there and say hello for me!

  • Josephine

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Suella

    Lovely lady, and great coat and jewelery.

    Love the huge shawl collar.

  • She's a gorgeous lady and one of Off Broadway Boutique's favorite customers!

    In fact, the huge shawl collar she is wearing is our silk dupioni bolero jacket and is part of the Off Broadway exclusive collection that we make in our design studio. You can see it here:


    Kind Regards,
    Off Broadway

  • Erin (penny. LA)

    Oh, now I DO love this – I'm not much for eccentric style, so this is right up my alley. So chic and fabulous! <3

  • There is a woman who knows how to accessorize! Beautiful glasses, bold jewellery and a funky hat; she's got it all going on.

  • Anonymous


  • I LOVE her style. Very personal.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you all for your generous comments. My name is Diana Gabriel and I can be reached at