Dress How You Feel, Not By Your Age

One of the many lessons I have learned from the ladies and gentleman of Advanced Style is to dress how you feel. The lady above offered some great advice when I asked about her style inspiration,”You shouldn’t dress by age, you should dress how you feel and look the very best you can at whatever age you are.” Advanced Style’s wonderful videographer Lina Plioplyte captured these fantastic words of wisdom in the clip below.

[Video by Lina Plioplyte]

  • WOW! The video adds a whole new dimension!

  • she's gorgeous. and her hair, i love it.
    she has a wise approach to dressing. the leather shorts are quite unexpected and fun.

  • Very wise advice. Xxxx

  • A very wise woman! I totally agree.
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  • What a wise and beautiful woman! Love the shorts.

    Hope the "Look of the Day" video becomes a regular feature; I love hearing from your savvy and stylish subjects!

  • Amazing! I really enjoyed the video!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  • Oh I'm really glad about your comment, nice to meet you!
    I love too the style of your blog, I love all stylish people you have photographed, especially that amazing miss with a so chic pin striped!
    Now I'm a new follower and I hope you could follow me too ;D
    See you soon!



  • RebeccaD

    You know, I've been avoiding leather shorts even though I love the look. This wise soul has opened up my eyes. I love the video and I hope you find this gal again with her blue coat.

  • tll

    Just found your blog late last night! Love it!! Its very refreshing and I love your "Look of the Day" video. Don't know if its a regular feature but it should be if not. Thank you.