Style With a Heart

Marcia is one of my favorite ladies to photograph because she is not only extremely stylish, but she has a big heart as well. By day Marcia dresses for work at a fashionable boutique, while the rest of her time is spent running her organization, Women Beyond Survival, which rebuilds and revitalizes communities ravaged by warfare .

The photos above were taken for a series of articles that I am writing for the AARP website. My latest article, about fashionable sunglasses has just been posted. I hope you get the chance to check it out and I would love your feedback!

My AARP article can be found here

  • how beautiful! i just love her coat!

  • Anonymous

    I found your blog through another. What a great topic! I'm 63 and my co-authors and I tell women all the time that the post-50years are powerful, productive, and gorgeous. I will pass this on to my friends!

  • Anonymous

    awesome article & photos re: sunglasses! what a cool blog this is.

  • So wonderful!

    Just came across your blog!

  • Have to tell you I 'found' your blog only just over a week ago, but you, your photo's and comments make me smile every day.
    taken a look at the sunglasses item, and the hats.
    thank you.:)

  • Amazing. I think she has a unique sense of style, to say the least. That purple coat is nothing short of fantabulous!