An Advanced Style Halloween

I know that Halloween has passed, but I couldn’t resist posting these wonderful costumes. Carol Markel whom I met at The New Museum one afternoon, and her friend Rosemary dressed up as a Fortune Teller and Chic Bag Lady for a big Halloween bash. These ladies show that their is no age limit to dressing up and having fun!

  • Gorgeous post! Love it…

  • I am a bad lazy woman
    . I love people commenting in my blog, but I thing that you are so wonderful that you do not need my comment, and i am speechless.

  • Love Rosemary's necklace!

  • That Carol Markel is a fashion maven if ever I've seen one. She just looks glorious! The two of these ladies as a pair? Absolutely divine.

  • Fabulous photos! Very cool.

  • Kevin F

    Awesome. My costume was not nearly as good.

  • sandra

    You know you've got style when you can make such gorgeous statements on Halloween. This was an inspiring post. The ladies are rockin it!

  • wow….i adored your blog!!good work!!