A Chance Meeting With Henny Garfunkel

A while back, Kim Hastreiter of Paper Magazine told me that I had to meet her friend Henny Garfunkel. She knew that we shared a passion for photographing fabulous old ladies and thought we would hit it off. Henny and I emailed back and forth, but never had the chance to meet.

Yesterday while walking down Park Avenue I saw an amazing woman pass by and I had to ask her for a photo. I stopped to tell her that I photograph stylish and creative people over 50 and she instantly began to smile. She said,” I know who you are, my friend Kim wanted us to meet some time ago.” What a wonderful chance encounter, to meet someone whose work I so admire. Henny and I both photograph people that we encounter on the street, making this all this meeting all the more special. Her series of “Fab Old Ladies” can be found on her website: http://www.hennygarfunkel.com/ .

Check out this small clip of Henny applying her lipstick by film maker Eric Smith. Eric also made one of my favorite shorts, Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road, which you can also check out below!

  • verey coool

  • Nice quiff!

  • WHat a great POST today and the 2 utubes are FABULOUS
    Thanks Ari.

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  • Ari, WHERE do you find these incredible women!! Anyone with the name of Henny Garfunkel has to be fabulous, and she lives up to her name. The glasses, the hair, the earrings and the lipstick–beyond words! Love the clip of Irene as well. Your blog is constantly inspiring and re-shaping my vision of myself as I grow older..thank you so much for doing what you do!

  • How cool! She looks amazing!! 😀

  • great pics!!

    xx charmediem.blogspot.com

  • I'm addicted to your blog!

  • Ari, the women you feature on this blog inspire me more than any of the young fashionista/o blogs I read! The freedom of expression and unabashed sense of self is just exciting. I've always said that I can't wait to be an old lady (I'm 26,) and your blog just solidifies that idea in my brain! My Nana used to say that when you get old you can do and say whatever you want, because people think you're crazy anyway. I say, why wait? Thank you, thank you, for sharing the golden generation in all their unappreciated glory with the world!