Advanced Style: Best of 2010

These are some of my favorite shots from 2010.This year I have learned a lot. I have learned that you can climb three flights of stairs and still go out and sing and dance at 90 years old.  66 years old is the perfect age to rebel and dye your hair pink. Your social calendar and accessories collection increases with age. 98 year olds have more time to party than 28 year olds. I have learned that grey hair is platinum elegance and that we should dress for the theater of our lives. You can dance in your 80s, Dj at 79, and discover your creative side at 60. Canes are beautiful accessories and older ladies have more fun. Let this be the year that you follow your dreams, its never too late!

Happy New Year
Ari Seth Cohen
  • Beautiful photos, beautiful people.Keep up the good work!

  • For those of us who cannot be in New York every day, THANK YOU for bringing to us these fabulous, stylish men & women in NYC!!
    Happy New Year!

  • Lovely post and fab selection of photos! Thank you for the timely reminder to follow one's dreams and that there is nothing to fear from getting older – happy new year to you!

  • Those are some amazing lessons you've learned this year, and thanks to your blog, I've learned some of those too! Here's to another great year of Advanced Style, and more lessons learned. Happy New Year Ari!

  • Well said! Thank you for a year of style and showing that fashion is not just for the young! Happy New Year!

  • Such an excellent round up for the year! So elegant, exquisite, and fabulous! I have to say the Issey Miyake lady was hugely inspiring for me. I re-discovered Issey Miyake through her. I now own an amazing Issey Miyake black pleated long skirt, shaped like a tulip, that I wear A LOT.

  • Thanks Ari to share these lovely pics again.I really love these old ladies and men.They do have good taste and good sense of humour in they lives.
    Happy New Year Ari!!!

  • I saw the most lovely multi-colored silver haired woman at Whole Foods the other night and if I had my camera I would have taken her photo and sent you the picture. Thanks for your wonderful photos and great blog. Happy New Year!!!

  • Happy new year my dear friend.

  • Beautiful post, beautiful people. A lot of inspiration 🙂

  • Thank you for your blog, seeing amazing people, making photo's, showing them.
    have a wonderful 2011


  • Hi Ari. Been following you for quite awhile and this "Year's Best" is the perfect Homage. Thank you.

  • Ari,

    Thanks for providing so much fun and inspiration. I wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

  • barbara

    love them all.
    but my thoughts are with the english lady wearing turban for she had chemo. what a great person, with all her power and humor. wish her all the best.

    thank you ari, for your presenting us your amazing pictures.
    you always surprise me.

    shana tova u'metuka.

  • Brilliant selection and wonderful advice. Enjoy making your dreams a reality in 2011. Looking forward to watching and hearing about them too. Xxxx

  • I tuned in late this year to your blog, but I am so glad I found it. You truly have a wonderful gift for photography and inspiring us to 'dress for the theatre of our lives'. Thank you so much for shaing. Happy New Year!

  • what a beautiful retrospective!

  • It's tough but I think my favorite is the woman with the leaf turban and amazing eyeglass frames.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Love this post!

  • These are really, really wonderful! Thankyou!

  • Fantastic and delightful!!
    I am grateful for your blog.
    Happy New Year! xo

  • b

    And Ari, you have only begun. Your beautiful people notonly show that living with beautiful canes and accessories is not only possible but probably necessary for many people. Thank you for a wonderful year.


  • who is the woman with the little round black glasses and short grey hair? she is awesome!! xx

  • Absolutely wonderful, Ari!

    ~ Susan

  • So inspirational!
    Your blog has made me look forward to my golden years 🙂
    Happy New Year & thanks for providing the blogosphere with such a fabulous blog…it is a real diamond blog!

  • Ani

    Happy New Year Ari! When I turned 55 last year I was kind of sad that I was now considered a "senior" in the larger sense of the word. But, then I found your blog, and suddenly the word senior wasn't so scary after all, the folks you depict are gorgeous and obviously having fun! I hope I can aspire to be an 'advanced' style girl one day. Best, Ani

  • I'm thinking…Only in New York, Ari!
    Lucky you!

  • I think there's something so chic about hats – large hats, small hats, dramatic hats, turbans… I wish it was still a common trend for ladies to wear hats with flair these days! These women have serious style!!


  • This is a stunning gathering of shots from 2010, it is no wonder that i love checking out the latest hot discovery every day – these people inspire me!

  • I could only dream of being that fashionable now than at their age. I love the turbans, the bold framed glasses, and the pops of color! C'est bon.

  • I enjoyed this so much Ari! Thank you – and rock on grams and gramps. Because getting old is not for sissies.

  • older persons are a work of art,fantastic! from Ontario Canada

  • The fabulously chic women featured here are exactly whom I want to be when I grow up (which will be very soon)! I am officially inspired, Ari, and I love your attitude.

  • I just saw a link to your blog at a friends place. I love it, it looks wonderful. Older people should dress more often in colors.
    best regard from Jerusalem

  • Isn't that Marilyn Sokol in the red plaid and cat-eye glasses? Wonderful actor!
    I'm just loving your blog!

  • I think this is FANTASTIC! As I'm approaching 50 (next year!), I realize that I have reason to believe that being boring at ANY age is a waste! I love their energy, their enthusiasm, their life! And I'm fast becoming the person I want to be and I going to be… I love this blog!

  • Love it; a real inspiration! What I don't get is the lack of diversity. You're doing a Woody Allen NYC — all white. (Ok, I saw that one pale brown gent.) But where are all the older high style, interesting, creative, artistic dressing Hispanic, Black, or Asian women in the city?
    Get those conversations going!