Alice Carey On Style

This weekend I spent a lovely afternoon with writer Alice Carey. I met Alice on Hudson Street while shopping with my mom and I was instantly drawn to her extraordinary taste and style. Alice immigrated from Ireland as a little girl. Her mother was a maid to the elegant women who walked down Park Avenue and purchased hats from Hattie Carnegie.Watch the clips below to hear more about the development of Carey’s personal style and CLICK HERE for part 2 of my Forbes interview. Also if you are looking for the Arlene Francis book that Alice mentions you can find it on Amazon.

  • Viktoria in Sweden

    Thank you for this wonderful, inspiring blog!

    I love her way of mixing the very feminine, glamorous with male practical, no-nonsense clothing. I so wish I had the figure to wear men´s jackets, they are sooo practical.

  • such elegance! and her voice is captivating. i'm not surprised that alice is irish (just look at her milky skin- beautiful) and a writer (she's very articulate).

  • I love, love, love your blog heading. Is she your grandmother???.fantastic lady
    On the interview…You got me in tears of pride.

  • Thank you Alice – you have wonderful personal style. Those hunting pants have me obsessed! Do you have tipes for maintaining such beautiful milky white skin? (Besides sunscreen every day?)

  • this is truly a distinctive style. I am making a note to myself to begin checking the thrift racks for men's jackets.

  • Your blog is so much fun! I love the clothes and the women who wear them!

  • sandy

    I love her style. But the "some people have it and some people don't" is what throws me. There has never been a definitive on this. So you want people to embrace their style: but some don't have it. That's what makes many people "crazy" over this fashion vs. style thing. Until that is thoroughly explored, many people are just going to keep doing the same old boring stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Alice's look is truly unique and individual. Her confidence and joy in dressing shine through and this is what is truly inspirational for me.

  • violette

    The book to which she referred is "That Certain Something: The Magic of Charm" by Arlene Francis. I think we need to get this back in print!

  • violette

    That reminds me, the so-called "tweed" bicycling crowd (cyclists who prefer fashions reminiscent of the late 19th and early 20th century) have adopted and promoted some wonderful clothing makers. See the links for "Fashion Peddlers" on the right:

  • ari

    Its my responsibilty and desire to show a broad spectrum of views. Alice learned by looking and being aware. Some people care about style, some people don't. Advanced Style is about being open to things and learning from others. We don't have to agree with Alice, but we can definitely listen and learn from her story. Thats just one thing she says, while she also says she learned from her friend who brought her a vintage jacket. In fact this was the turning point in the development of her style.

  • I think Alice is terrific with her unique style and life style CONGRATS!! She happens to look fantastic and elegant in these clothes. This is her particular personal style.
    We all have it …we have to explore it until we find what feels right for us…at each phase in our life, checking our body type, and our life style. Keep exploring and have fun making changes. That is what keeps us vital and alive.

  • Suella

    One of your best interviews. Very personal, and therefore worthwhile information rather than repetition of oft-repeated platitudes. Thank you.

  • i love her hair colour. I always give this ladies credit for that: they're not afraid to experiment with these things.

  • Love the details! A fascinating woman with so much to say. And Ari, I love Advanced Style's new look.

  • Alice has such a strong, singular look. Love it.

  • Carla

    Wonderful interview with a wonderful woman! Alice, Thanks for mentioning the Arlene Francis book–I just bought a copy on Amazon! Still available after all these years….thank goodness for the internet–>I can know about YOU and Arlene's book!


  • ari
  • sandy

    Thanks Ari and Debra for clarifying and the interview was wonderful. OMG I wish I had emphasized that; I just wanted clarifying on the "style" thing and I think both you and Debra did that well. I'm back on track.

  • What a delightful and inspiring woman! I went right out and ordered her book!

  • Great interview, and Alice is a delight. She has gorgeous skin, and the cut and colour of her hair suit her personality perfectly. I used to wear men's jackets when I was in my 20's, but they don't suit me anymore. Her whole look really does work for her. Personal style really is an evolution, and involves a willingness to experiment, self-knowledge, and a sense of humour.

  • She is JUST amazing. I love her.

    The little touches. The secret of charm. I think her secret of charm is being strong, confident, individual and cool as can be.

    But mostly what I admired was her comment on people who smile at her in airports. That's life changing wisdom.


  • I've been lurking for a while, but this video prompted me to finally say a heartfelt THANK YOU! What fun!

  • Adorable! I love her!!!

  • Adorable! I love her!