The New York Look

I went to Housing Works Thrift Store to look for some furniture and spotted this stunning gentleman. His tailored look is chic and full of character. The other day an old woman told me that, “There is nothing better than a well dressed man” and this fellow surely fits the bill.

  • S

    Love the black and brown.

  • I want to dress like him!

  • Very neat accessorizing!

  • I couldn´t agree more with you.

  • A little European, too.

    Women my age with style fascinate me, because I imagine that I am now too old and unattractive to draw attention to myself with embellishment. I squirm a bit to see it, imagining the attention I would draw. The fascination derives from envy: O! To feel so comfortable in my skin and in the world!

    Men my age who style? Unless it's garish, I typically think them "distinguished." Now, I must go ponder on the psychology of THAT!

  • Agreed, on all counts!

  • Nance, I think that older people who don't pay attention to their appearance look unfriendly and uninteresting. It's about self-respect.

  • It ain't over 'til it's over.

  • Soooo elegant – but not 'overdone'. A far cry from Central IL, where coveralls and gimmes are de rigeur. Each has its place (he would look absurd in the middle of a cow pasture) but given my druthers…..:-D


  • man is this guy cool or what. Bring on old age….

  • a rare gem