Working Man

I passed this well dressed fellow on my way to the train uptown. I aspire to to be as dapper as him one day. Don’t you just love pairing a hat with a sharp suit !

  • He may be a working man but he's also working it. And well too.

  • Spotless classy dress with a casual touch of the hat. Facinating.

  • Rebecca

    Meticulous down to the last detail with the shined shoes and upturned collar. Very dapper indeed!

  • Muy elegante. Me encantas tus fotos.
    Saludos. Isabel

  • immaculate and classy. I like him 🙂

  • This is funny, I just took pictures this morning of men going to work in Brussels and will post it on my blog in the coming days.

  • Deb

    This is how men should look! Take note young 'uns!

  • very simple, but gorgeous!!!

  • Great blog theme ! Really inspiring ! Love it !

  • He looks great, and you can tell by the look in he eye he knows it! I love it.

  • He looks great, and you can tell by the look in he eye he knows it! I love it.

  • Anonymous

    As an older person, may I say: Be Dapper Today. Start now – you don't just wake up some morning after 60 and find you suddenly have it together. A good look takes time.

  • it is a funny coincidence that I photographed men and women on their way to work this morning.
    I posted two lovely elegant ladies today, Please have a look ! Hope you enjoy

  • I absolutely LOVE the idea for your blog!! This is really great.

  • Aside from the fact that he is obviously wearing quality fabrics, the key to his look is that everything fits him so well–the coat isn't sloppy, and his pants are the perfect length. It's all in the details!