Central Park Style

I was walking by Central Park this weekend when I spotted this lady from across the street. Many of the ladies I interview tell me that they dress depending on their mood, on the weather, and wherever it is that they are going. This lady looks perfectly chic for a Saturday trip to the park.
  • Al

    She is adorable! I love her coat, I wish I had one like it.

  • I love everything about her!!

  • I like everything about the look, including how at ease she is.

  • Anonymous

    I´ll steal the hair, the shades and the coat!

  • I have a coat just like that! I call it The Bear, it's an old 1950s style I bought in a junk shop. And obviously, I think she looks really cool!

  • effortless class!

  • She's beautiful.

  • the boots rock!

  • Amy

    She's lovely. Oh to be that stylish at some point in my life. 😀

  • very cool, very relaxed, in peace with herself and the world… great shot!

    love, barbara

  • She looks GREAT!!!

  • What I love most about this is that not only does this lady look fantastic in this outfit, but a 20-, 30-, 40-, etc. something year old gal would look great in it too. She doesn't look like she's trying to appear younger, just very comfortable with her style. Perfection!

  • so beautiful!

  • Ben
  • Love, love, love this! Jeans, boots and a big coat are chic at any age and this beautiful lady proves it beyond doubt!

    The Styleseer

  • I am wearing those exact same boots right now!! I'm in good company. ;D

  • Anonymous

    I love her coat, too. It reminds me of a furry alpaca coat I had in the seventies.