Gurmukh is one of the most stunning women I have ever photographed. I first met her in SoHo last year and ran into her again the other day.Like many of the men and women I photograph, Gurmukh is a teacher. She  is a world renowned  yoga instructor and the cofounder and director of  Golden Bridge Yoga, based in Los Angeles and New York. There is something about sharing knowledge and helping the world that makes people more beautiful. By dressing up and feeling good and sharing wisdom with one another we can become stronger, happier, and live fuller lives. Maybe style and substance can really go hand in hand.
  • beautiful…

  • She has the most open, happy, lovely face!

  • beautiful. Gurmukh is amazing. thank you for capturing her beauty here. xx

  • so AMAZING! she look stunning! I love your blog!!!


  • Such wise words, Ari.
    I love everything about her, including what she is wearing.

  • absolutely stunning…

  • she looks absolutely great….<3

  • Anonymous

    You should post one of Royce & Marilyns videos. Seems like kindered spirit. Much love.

  • Hand in hand!

  • Sally anne UWS

    I think Royce might be a bit lowbrow for these fine ladies but she is "MY GOD". I live by her words. Or as she would say " God on a Wheel!"

  • There is something about sharing your spirit with the world that makes people beautiful. The OM energy makes one vibrant.

  • RufusWainwright

    Yes Royce has an inner style that can't be matched. Well maybe little Edie. Royce is God.

  • Anonymous

    Here's a great video of Royce. One a few great ones

  • Let me say, that your blog is the first, where I find street photo about not just little fashion girls.
    I amire of this woman.


  • vee

    laughing eyes, i like that..