Pat at Off Broadway Boutique

One of my favorite spots to find Advanced Style is Lynn Dell’s Off Broadway Boutique. Not only are the clothes great, but they have a wonderful and knowledgeable staff ready to help with any style concern. Pat is one of Off Broadway’s best. She is honest, helpful,straightforward, and super gorgeous and stylish herself. Stop by the store on 72nd, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Al

    She looks gorgeous! Love the contrast of color with the black and white.

  • OOO…wish I was there to see these ladies in person…how fun!!

  • She looks fabulous!

  • Black and white with bright red lips- my favorite combination!!

  • Love this graphic outift. I want this necklace!

    Très Awesome – A Chicago Street Style Blog

  • Pat is a warm and wonderful woman! She is incredibly stylish, always 1000% put together. She is lovely and engaging, and so great to chat with about anything.

  • Ari:

    First off a big thank you for what you have put together in this blog and videos. Just found out about Advanced Style yesterday and I think I've watched every video, I adore these woman and aspire to be like them one day! I'm 56, have an at home business called and am a Personal Asst. to a music manager here in Nashville as my full time job.

    These ladies are my heros and you as well for showcasing these beautiful woman.

  • Pat, you are stunning! You embody class and style! I love your black and white patterned blazer. And the touches of red just make this outfit sensational!

  • Pat is wonderful. I have regularly brougt friend in to Off Broadway so Pat could do her magic on them.

    Pat changed my friend's life, starting with how she dressed herself, by saying " You are just too pretty to dress yourself like that. Stop it"

    Pat is always glam, but more inmportantly generouswith er customers.You leave off broadway feeling beautiful –no matter what your size or shape. she has a real gift.