The Art of Thrifting

I saw this woman on my way to a shoot, and I asked if I could take her photo. I love her sense of color and mixing of patterns. She told me that she buys everything at thrift stores.For more thrifting inspiration check out the video of Debra below.
  • Brilliant!

    The Styleseer

  • Her & I would have so much fun!
    Thrifting is an art for sure
    Love the bright colors

  • Wonderful! The thrift stores can have such nice stuff. I have been buying beautiful vintage pieces from mine, WITH the union label in them for a $1. I get a complement every time I wear my black wool pencil skirt out, and it was only a buck!

  • I want to go shoppin with Debra..And I want the jacket or shirt from the fabulous woman above !

  • Wow, thrift stores in NY are way, way better than we have in Wichita. I would be thrilled to shop in the store Debra was in. Thank you for sharing the video, it was great fun.

  • I can see why you just had to capture this lady. She wears colours well and I adore the way she flirts with colour, too.

  • "Orange is neutral." Love the lady in the video!

  • Two of my favorite things in life combined – the "advanced" and thrifting. LOVE IT!!

    Thrift Style/Thrifting Runway/Thrifting Trends

  • I just found this blog, and I am in love. It's so inspiring to see older ladies have fun with fashion — these women have more style than the majority of my peers! And Debra is a charm. The way she rocked that racy little dress with the orange boa was astounding!

  • That woman's outfit/nails/jewellery… it's all so good. That's exactly how I want to dress.

  • This woman's skirt is fabulous and I admire her bold pairing with an equally bright jacket.

  • Well, I completely adore Debra 🙂 I'd love to go shopping with her. And we're both long-term vegetarians with the same views on buying second hand fur and leather – thank god for that get out clause!

    Love this blog, so glad to have found it.

  • Your site depicts the joy you have photographing these stylish women of advanced style. Please, more women of color though. Blessings to all.

  • sanda – artist in NYC

    Thrift shops have gotten too expensive in NYC.

  • These are some whacky and cool 80's/early 90's patterns. I used to have Bermuda shorts that looked like this ,back in da day.