Black and White

I stopped this elegant woman on the Upper West Side and asked if I could take her photo. When I asked about her style she exclaimed, ” I’m old enough to be comfortable with my own style and not be subject to the whim of designers.” I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Do you feel that style advances with age and experience?

  • Fantastic! Like if Cruella de Vil had a good sister 😉

  • Very elegant! I hope you gave this woman the blog address so she can real all the lovely comments sure to come your way for this shot.

  • Love the two-tone hair! And yes, I do think style advances with age – we become comfortable in our own skin and less bothered about what other people are wearing or what the latest trends are.

  • Oh, I love her earrings. Well, I think hounds tooth is one of those things that only really looks good on a fine lady. I'd feel silly wearing that much hounds tooth, but she looks amazing!

  • Zee

    She looks so regal. I love her necklace. Being a jewelry designer myself, I admire how she coordinated the statement necklace with the strong checkered dress. Love it!

  • Latest trend with such an style. I adore those earrings.

  • Doesn't this lady look SO elegant. Wonderful! I'm a 64 year old lady, but these women are truly inspirational to people like me. Thank you!

  • she looks like cruella demon, fascinating!!! great blog, i love it!

  • giant houndstooth rules! I recently wore a very 90s dress with large houndstooth, too. her earrings are my favorite though

  • oh my.
    when i grow up I want my hair to look like that.
    And her earrings? so perfect.

  • Well, she certainly knows how to put together a look from head to toe. Stunning!

  • I love her style and her hair is fantastic!
    Yes, style advantice with age, your blog is showing that everytime.

  • Nan

    She is one gorgeous woman any age.

  • Wow, that hair is pure charm, beautiful! I love this fabric Tweed, is very elegant!

    I'm a fan of your blog, always enjoy being here!

    Beijão & aguardo você no Infinito Feminino.

  • Viktoria

    Yes, absolutely. I´ve been trying to figure out my style all my life, and now at 45 I´m finally grasping what it´s all about. It´s in a change of perspective: "what am I, what do I aspire to", instead of "what do I want others to think of me". Sod others, let them think what they will!

    This lady is fabulous beyond words…

  • I absolutely love your blog, it's so fresh and unique, very inspirational. The lady of this post makes me think in Daphne Guiness.

  • She has the most wonderful style and a really wonderful attitude. She has it all.

  • Quero ser assim quando eu crescer..hahaha

    amei seu blog, sou do Brasil e por aqui não tem nenhum blog assim! parabéns pelo teu trabalho! Super Glam *-*

    Segue meu blog de volta? tô seguindo aqui!

  • wow, so fantastic. she looks great 🙂


  • Fantastic, So elegant. I hope I can look that stylish when I'm older 🙂

  • She is so chic! I'm so into two-tone hair, and am looking forward to the day when i can do black and white.

  • Oh her hair! So Cruella chic.

  • So glamorous!!

  • I love black and white outfits, they are very elegant! I think that it depends on the person, I'm 23 and I don't care about what people or designers say, I wear my own style no matter what people will think. And I'm sure that I will do the same when I'm 60 or 80 years old!

  • Jo

    She makes me want to start wearing dresses again … Lovely!

  • I like the mixed sizes of patterns. Very striking look.

  • Rebecca

    As with so many of the fabulous ladies you feature, this woman is impeccably groomed and has chosen the perfect design elements to make herself into a star.

  • I love the dress, the earrings, the hair, everything. Tres chic.

  • Jan

    What a great looking outfit on a beautiful woman. I think the hair is a bit much, but I'm pretty conservative 🙂 Looking at these wonderfully dressed and groomed women has inspired me. Thanks to them and thanks to you for bringing them to us.

  • Anonymous

    She looks a little like my mother-in-law.

    I love that she has all those magnificent pieces of jewels on her without a care.
    I realize that is one of the honors of being an older woman.
    If you are young wearing even one piece of bling like that, you get the "crazy-eye" from the hipsters who easily categorize people as showy.

  • wow! she looks beautiful! I love her style!


  • aaamaaaazing!

  • how to be beautiful without looking young! amazing style and amazing face!

  • I feel like she's a less extravagant, more elegant and sweet version of Cruella De Ville… 😉 Wouldn't you agree?

  • Bev

    Wow, this lady is beautiful! I truly hope that I am looking half as good as this when I am older and that I wont feel tied to wearing the usual clothes an older person might want to wear.
    Such an inspiration!

  • She looks fantastic! I hope I can pull that off when I'm her age.

    Love your blog.

  • wow she looks cool.I like her style.

  • Very good

  • Absolutely perfect! These types of women actually make me want to reach old age. In this world, that desire can be tough, but let's be real- I can't wait to be a funk-tastic 60+ year old!