The Irreverent, Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

Jean and Valerie,The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, are two of my favorite stylish ladies about town. They believe that fashion should be fun and expressive and not taken too seriously.Check out more of Jean and Valerie in the clip we made for NOWNESS below. You can also read about their adventures on their blog HERE.

  • OMG! Too amazing!



  • These women's hats are just insanely cool. And the shoes, I hope to have a big collection when I am their age as well. Great post!

  • They are just too cool! I cant even take it! lovely

  • Rebecca

    What glorious, glamorous women! I love reading their blog and thank you Ari for introducing them to me.
    Where did Valerie get those spectacular green glasses?

  • Jan

    Best quote from the video "Every era, it builds character…"

    Love these women. Ari, since finding your blog and the ladies (and gentlemen) you have featured here, in anticipation of my 60th b-day next month, I have re-colored my hair with a slight reddish tint that I always favored, but thought I was "too old" to wear any longer; I have totally changed my make-up; and I had my hairdresser totally redo my "do" to a blunt-cut bob that FINALLY works with my hair (as opposed to all the ideas she had suggested) that falls between my jaw and my chin, a much more flattering length. And my bang are LONG – almost touching my eyelashes. They cover up the crinkles on my eyelids and accent what is still my best feature – my eyes. Thank you for bringing this inspiration to us all, and thank you to those wonderful women (and gentlemen) who insist on being wonderfully themselves, no matter their age, and refusing to conform to stereotypes.

  • wonderful

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this and YOUR Blog!!!


  • Valerie and Jean are magnificent.

  • Very brazen – I would never have the guts!

  • I dearly love the last statement of the video "young woman you're gonna be an old woma, don't worry about it" not like "haha, too bad, you're gonna be old" but more like "it's about time, but no worries, one day you will eventually have the greatest fun of your life!"

  • Awesome!

  • Avant garde to the max

    Très Awesome ♥ Chicago Street Style

  • Avant garde to the max

    Très Awesome ♥ Chicago Street Style

  • Wonderfuel,beautifuel blog and post you have…I have woork with older people in many years…and all the stories they can tell us:)
    have a nice weekend

  • this is what fashion is all about i love theses women, they light a spark in my mind life and belly lol.
    I am a big fan of people with minds like these women the are a joy to look at and be around its so funny because when i wear the clothing that i have designed out its old women 50 and up who compliment me!

    These women are color beautiful intelligent and fashionable!


  • I want to adopt these two! Love them to bits and more…..B:)x

  • sono meravigliose…

  • Anonymous

    I'm new to this blog and though I really love the looks shown here, I do sense a subliminal wiff of the idea that only older women who are 'batty' would consider dressing in these ways.

    I would also like to see more pix of older women who are really singularly stylish – like Camille Gottlieb – and put their clothes together in a unique, fashionable way. Even Otelli and Carmen with their fashion-model looks were a nice contrast to the surreal flights of imagination most often shown on these pages.

    Keep up the good work but please don't make me have to troll only the Satorialist if I want to see other choices by stylish older women

  • They are having such fun. Maybe that's part of lengthening life.

  • Love them, fabulousity!

  • Wow, those two are amazing! Blown away.

  • LOVE Jean and Valerie and follow their blog regularly.

  • Anonymous

    I'm getting together for a weekend with women friends I've known for over 45 years. I hope we have this much fun!

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    Emilia Mejia

  • thank god i have a good chunk of gray hairs at the age of twenty one. these two saucy ladies remind me of my best friend and i, although so much more advanced. such a great feature, thanks so much for sharing. i adore the video and their blog.

  • ari

    I try and feature people who have a personal style, whether classic or eccentric. People who live life to the fullest and inspire others.Their clothes may not be right for you, but hopefully you can find something inspiring about them, their spirit, fearlessness…

  • At last a fashion duo that answers, every single day, the burning question "How can we make ourselves more of a spectacle than we were yesterday?"

    Quel surprise!

  • Where do you meet these remarkable women?!

  • hi Ari. You are doing a wonderful thing.

  • What fun! I'm really enjoying your blog! I definitely need more style!

  • The sight of these two beautiful women have filled my heart with joy and a renewed zest for life. Thank you! x

  • Lex

    The massive amount of Bakelite bangles are so DOPE!!!! I drool!

  • haha love these! they look soo cool. the outfits are amazing.

    come visit us at our new site!

    hope to hear from you soon!
    xx, camilla and valerie

  • waw, I love your post ! I just discovered your blog and I love it !!!!

  • Jean and Valerie are outstanding artists! And theircreations should be preserved.
    I would love to see an entire book book with these women's outfits — they are works of art!

  • Gosh, there BOTH absolutely adorable!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!

  • oh my gosh they're so quirky! I love them! Where do they get all those hats and shades! I want one!


  • I love most of the stylish old folks one this site…but these two are a little too much pantomime rather than great style for me…

  • Wooow love them!! This women are fantastic and very inspirational… thank you so much for this amazing blog!

    Loove it!


  • OH MY! I love them!

  • Woonderful video! Really… *-*

  • =)