“The Object is to Look as Chic as You Can, but Your Average Person in the Street Would Never Wear This.”

Writer, Alice Carey, learned about style from the ladies who lived off Park Avenue, in New York, during the 50s and 60s. Her family immigrated from Ireland, and her mother was a maid for a chic set of women, who purchased hats from Hattie Carnegie and shopped at Bergdorf’s. As a young girl, Alice soaked all of this in. Her style philosophy is, “The Object is to look as chic as you can, but your average person in the street would never wear this.” For more of Alice’s story check out the videos below:

  • Vic

    Ah, Alice is fabulous! I could watch her all day.

  • She looks great in her oversized white shirt and armful of bangles. Love it!

    The Styleseer

  • well, the average person on the street needs to step up their style, because alice looks fabulously chic! i love the white shirt.

  • So classy! And she reminds me of Vivienne Westwood

  • Love those bangles. Maybe she should order some from me, tee hee. 🙂 She is a happy woman who has beauty galore. Thanks for sharing.

  • Well I had never read Alice Carey, but I very much like to have your own style and can be herself … Many do not dare to admire so is …

  • Looks amazing.

    <3 Cambria

  • Here you can see exactly how a classic style combined with some fashionable accessories is always included! Shame that the Polish ladies do not look so beautiful on the streets, I hope that this will change… Fantastic page, I'll visit often.


  • What a fabulous lady. Video#2 is fantastic.

  • i love her carrot hair colour <3

  • Anonymous

    She is way too beautiful!

  • wow! Thats a lot of bakelite on one arm! (looks like bakelite anyways..)

  • Fabulous mix of color in those bracelets.

  • What a wonderful lady. Thanks for sharing the pictures and videos.

    Create, Collaborate, Publish

  • Lovely.

  • gr8

  • love her….