How to Wear a Floral Coat

I saw this woman on the Upper West Side, on my way to hear a talk by Stephen Jones. She looked stunning in her floral coat, a perfect color palette for Fall!

  • It´s a beatiful little garden at morning!!

    Un saludo,

  • perfect look!

  • It's a gorgeous coat and it looks marvelous on her!!

  • Boy she pulled that off. She's stunning.

  • How beautiful. This blog is the most inspiring i know. Sometimes i come here and just stare at the amazing world you created here.

  • Best coat I have ever seen, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh( about to faint)

  • so inspiring!

  • stolen a plaid form her grandmother and the rest from an ancient mariner???great capture!!!!

  • <3 it!

  • Stephen Jones, as in "Stephen Jones Millinery"? Now that would be fun!
    This lady really pulls the look off well. In my next life, I am going to be tall so I can wear stuff like that. 🙂
    Wanda in Edmonton

  • Fabulous! Beautiful coat.

  • like a garden! 🙂

  • oooh, LOve!

  • This woman is delicious!
    Joy bursting from every pore!

    from your follower! ♡

  • that's a cute cape!


  • Kim

    Due to the typo in the headline, I thought when I scrolled down that she would be wearing a "forel coat". That would be awesome. But I love her floral coat and especially her SHOES!

  • I have to say, she is wearing that coat with the right attitude.



  • I just discovered your wonderful blog. You have a keen eye for beauty.

  • ahhhhhhhappy!

  • Hair styling is fabulous. Fresh colors for fresh people!!!

  • Hair styling is fabulous. Fresh colors for fresh people.

    Amazing look!

  • I love it! You can tell she's a confident woman who know who she is and what she is. I see a lot of women on the street all the time who wear the exact same thing, it may be pretty but it's just oh-so-boring, so whenever I come across a woman like her it just make me happy 🙂

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  • An absolutely fabulous and inspiring look by that lady! I find it really difficult to wear such bold floral prints without feeling like everybody's staring at me all day long. She looks confident, like she knows just how awesome she is (: I guess spring is here!