Madison Avenue Style

I ran into this absolutely charming 90 year old woman on Madison Avenue. She spent the morning looking for inspiration in the shop windows of some of the world’s best designers.I asked her for some style tips and she said,”Everything I am wearing is old, but I know what looks good on me. I have a three way mirror, I get dressed up and play.”

  • Nice lady!
    She remind me of my grand
    kisses from your follower! ♡
    www. welovefur.commother!

  • Playing around with clothes at 90, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I want beret and sunglasses,

  • Muy estilosa.

  • A 3 way mirror, terrific! I hope to have one in the future 🙂

    This lady is absolutely perfect!!! She rocks those glasses in a way I could only dream of!

  • really 90? Unbelievable!

  • Very stylish lady! Her classic cut full length mink is gorgeous.

    The Styleseer

  • ohh dear she looks awesome, hope to be like this one day!! so so charming!

  • Her glasses are amazing.

  • I absolutely adore this blog! Beauty is beauty, no matter what age!!

  • This lady is so so amazing.. I just had to re-post this image.. love it!


  • Knowing what looks good on you is great advice! Love her beret the most!

  • I can't even stand her fierce Bonnie & Clyde realness. So lovely!

  • such a beauty, such lovely style.

  • SLN

    Очень модно и стильно! Юбка просто восторг, одета и по моде и уместно! Шубка норка классическая!

  • Ohhhh Myy Goood she looks absolutely stunning! I wish ladies would dress that way in Sweden/Stockholm where I'm from. I would need to take photos of them over and over again!!!


  • red bob & tortoiseshell forever

  • Fashionmista

    She is so chic.I adore the beret, the glasses and the gorgeous fur coat.