Mother of The Groom

I was having lunch with my family at The Parker in Palm Springs, when I saw this wonderful woman pass by. I hopped up from my seat and quickly snapped a shot of her on her way to her son’s Wedding reception.

  • I have a soft spot for pearls and I think I always will. She looks beyond lovely.

  • so chic in black and white.

  • the combination dark blue and pearls always works

  • Anonymous

    The topper is her shoes. Great shoes, not at all frumpy or "comfortable". The groom must be proud of such a lovely mother.

  • This lady is wearing a man's Japanese, silk montsuki kimono, with mon (the round crests you see on it) as an open coat and it looks great

  • This lady does look wonderful.

  • Ari, you have a trained eye to find beautiful women. Who says older women can not be beautiful and stylish? Here's the proof!

  • Two thumbs up for this chic woman and for you having lunch @ the fabulous Parker. I am a huge P.S. fan.

    I adore your blog!

    Cheers ~ Deb

  • She looks rather classy and sophisticated to me. I like her looks, even if it is a little too dark for me.

    Congratulations and happy to find you!

  • wow. love her look! the hat looks so amazing!

  • Well! This is certainly NOT 'Wear Beige and Keep Your Mouth Shut!' LOL! she is absolutely, gloriously, uniquely elegant!

    xo A

  • Wedding? Looks like she's going to a funeral!

    Mother of the GLOOM!

  • Wow what a way to wear a kimono–a men's one at that. What I like is that it's not shouting, very subtle and chic.

  • Spitting image of Dame Judi Dench.

  • I don't know where you find all these incredible women ! They are so stylish !

  • Marucha Chan

    She conveys a sense of the artsy dress of fashion-forward women of the Edwardian era, yet is not copying any era or style.
    I love that she is wearing the elegant men’s kimono in a novel way. It appears she has folded the plackets back around the neck to create a sort of “collar” too. I have many kimono I brought back from a stint in Japan but I would never have thought to wear a man’s in this way. (Alas, I probably don’t have her stature to carry it off so well.)