Winter Ready

This woman is winter ready in her faux fur trimmed coat and matching hat. She told me that she bought her sunglasses from a vendor on Madison Avenue, for five dollars. They provide a great touch of color and attitude to her cold weather gear.

  • Lovely! She looks so elegant!
    Ari, thank you for your blog, these old ladies teach us how to be elegant, the wisdom almost lost nowadays.

  • Anonymous

    Extraordinarily goof! this blog is amazing and the sunglasses are amazing too.

  • Beautiful lady. I like the way her $5 sunglasses add a pop of color to her outfit's neutral palette.

    The Styleseer

  • I love the spirit of your blog–and the joy you and
    your subjects find in the long life well-lived. And, of course, I love the ($5!!) sunglasses in this post. So whimsical and alive!! Congrats on bringing this sometimes underappreciated group into the sunlight.

  • She is lovely.

  • Gorgeous! And if grey wasn't my favorite color for clothing already, it sure is now! This is stunning<3

  • The fur trim adds so much, and her carriage and grace make the $5 sunglasses look like they are totally designer. well done 🙂

  • She looks great – all ready for the cold weather, and the sun glasses are fantastic.:)

  • Very elegant women. I like it!

  • This such a beautiful picture ~ I just love everything about this lady. The matching furry scarf and hat, awesome glasses and that pale blue polo neck just peeking above her coat.

  • Gorgeous.
    I adore her glasses.

  • Lovely picture! love her sunglasses.

    Ari, thank you for your blog, I already pre-order your book I am crazy that they delivery to me! I live in Santo Domingo, you should come to take pictures of the old ladies here 🙂

  • Those colorful sunglasses brings a burst of fun to her whole look!