“Don’t Try and Look Younger, Just Look as Wonderful as You Can”

Yesterday I went to visit one of my favorite ladies on the Upper West Side. I was thrilled to see Lynn Dell as she has been traveling and taking some time off after breaking her knee. Lynn looked as glamorous as ever in her all black ensemble, accented beautifully with gold jewelry. Since breaking her knee she hasn’t had as much time or energy to fix her hair back like she prefers. Lynn told me that people have been commenting that she looks so much younger with her hair down, but she says, “I don’t want to look younger. I just want to look as wonderful as I can.” This seems to be a common sentiment amongst the Advanced Style Ladies and a very important statement considering our culture’s obsession with youth and trying to stay young. Check out the video above to hear what Lynn has to say about trying to look younger.

  • More beautiful than ever!

  • Hannah Elliott

    Love her!

  • … exactly as you wrote. I was so excited when I saw the pictures so I did not have the time to read your text 🙂

    • Anonymous


  • She looks amazing…I love this outfit!!

    • Anonymous

      no you look amazing

    • Anonymous

      no you look amazing

  • She is so right … and she is so lovely! I have not owned a pair of jeans, sneakers or a tee shirt since I was 23. And that was back in the day (1969). There is something wonderful about feeling elegant and glamourous. When I was young and newly divorced, I was very shy. I did not date. But having my own sense of style often carried the day. Today I carry a few more pounds than needed but I dress and I wear glasses. I can not go out in public without someone commenting upon my glasses, they go wild. I always say: "when you are old fat and gray … your glasses must be a true accessory.

  • She has so much style, gorgious!

  • Mai

    She's perfect in every possible way!
    What an inspiration!

    oh and that necklace is divine!


  • as usually, I find myself amazed with how advanced style ladies look and nodding to the things they say, not having much to add.

  • I sometimes do wear jeans, but i try to look like a lady .Never go out without some make up.
    I love her style and her words not to try to look younger.
    She is so right and so beautful, what a Lady.
    Love her.
    And thanks for your words.
    Wish you all the best.
    Agnes, the Netherlands.

  • Lynn Dell is looking "absolutely fabulous", please though let me dress up in my jeans!

  • Anonymous

    She's marvelous! I'm 48 and so tired of being told by magazines and television that I need to look younger. It's overkill and ultimately mind-numbing.

  • This is fantastic advice. I love her necklaces.

  • Wow, she looks beautiful, love her necklace. All I know is I want my clothes to look good on me no matter what I am wearing, and I wear lots of different styles, not always glamorous, sometimes down right funky. That said I think I need to go exercise 😉 My mom would fit the glamous bill, she is 83 and always looks good.

  • I just posted the video on Facebook. She is amazing!
    I am so inspired by these ladies!

  • She's such a beatiful woman, she's like a pure inspiration! All the best for her.

  • lynn couldn't be lovelier!
    she looks incredible.

  • Love the whole ensemble – and Lynn Dell's sentiments on glamour.

  • Wow, she's gorgeous! Looks vey very good))


  • There is beauty to aging. Yay UWS! That store is around the block from my place!

  • This lady is breathing style with every pore…

  • Beautiful!

  • Ellen

    Thanks for this. It always brightens my day. 🙂

  • I love her way of thinking! I also love her outfit and hat. What style, what grace, what elegance!

  • Superb!

  • Lynn looks so vivacious and full of life. The hat and gold jewellery look absolutely stunning.

  • Now THAT is a hat and THAT is a necklace, but I suspect they would look like wet noodles on anyone but the fabulous Lynn Dell. Stunning.

  • Her jewelry is amazing and timeless.
    Material Fixations

  • Holly

    So elegant. I love the sentiment she expresses; I'm an American so can only speak for American culture, but why is aging something we are supposed to apologize for?

  • Holly

    Forgot to add, and thank you Ari for all you do to celebrate ladies whom society sometimes overlooks.

  • I love her comments about what it really is to be glamorous. I definitely relate to having that drive, that feeling…everyday.

    Peter @ http://low–couture.blogspot.com

  • I love the way she thinks, and she is still a gorgeous woman!

  • She is wonderful!

  • Rebecca

    Lynn Dell never fails to inspire. She is one fabulous woman and a great example of her own motto "dressing for the theatre of your life". Thanks for this wonderful video. You look great Lynn!

  • I love Lynn precisely because she always looks glamorous, every day. Personally, I think her hair looks gorgeous loose, but I agree with her completely when she said, "it's not about looking younger, it's about looking wonderful". Amen, sister.

  • Seriously, Love. this. blog.

  • Lovely!! You are the one! i love your blog! CONGRATULATIONS!!



  • Congratulations for your blog!I love it!!!I share your post in my group in facebook "We can change the world". If you dont like this, send me one mail and I will delete it asap.
    Kisses!Have a nice day!

  • Amazing. A style icon for us all. Thanks for this brilliant and inspiring blog x

  • Espectacular. lindas joyas ademas.

  • Espectacular. lindas joyas ademas.

  • she is so right!
    We should be more aware that behind those glamorous looks there are many people that have worked on it. Sometimes these stars on the red carpet play a character someone else put on them (the stylish, the designer, the hairdresser). These people make stars look stunning.
    This lady is fantastic, I love her accessories!

  • I love that you have videos sometimes. All the photos are fabulous and inspiring… but you really see their grace and energy in the videos!
    The Office Dandy

  • I couldn´t agree more, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I am sharing this second.

  • This lady got it spot on regarding the difference between Old Hollywood and New Hollywood. For Old Hollywood, glamour was a state of mind, a lifestyle and a daily ritual. For New Hollywood, glamour is what your entourage of makeup, hair stylists, stylists et al can russle up for you. That being said I love this lady's style and want to have at my next dinner party and borrow her faaab gold coin necklace for my next fashion shoot!

  • Brilliant advice! 😀

  • I like having that feeling .. the truth that looks very elegant with the black set .. is very glamorous and the gold details make it very sophisticated ..
    very good blog ..

  • Maravillosos complementos.

  • Ari, thank you very much for the lovely blog about our visit the other day. It's always a pleasure to be in your company and we look forward to a lot more from Ari Seth Cohen in the future.

  • CarolWL

    I just love our cast of "regulars," Ari. I would love to meet them all. I don't even know them, yet I feel we'd have so much in common. You're lucky to count them among your friends.

  • BEYOND Chic. Outstanding!

  • Fantastic! I love this blog is fashion!

  • OMG!! She is so cute, and i loved her loo!!