Side Swept Style

I first saw this woman in a grocery store on the Upper East Side. I admired her gorgeous hair and elegant style, but she left the store before I could ask her for a photo. The other day I was walking on Madison Avenue and I saw her again. I knew that I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by, so I ran up to her and asked if I could take her photograph. She was very gracious and I can’t wait until the next time I run into her. Doesn’t this make you a little less afraid of letting your hair go white?

  • fabulous is pastel, makes her glow! absolutely stunning

  • Her hair is so lovely and delicate. Love white hair…

  • Classic beauty

  • Classic beauty

  • maven

    She is truly beautiful! Love the mint/pastel teal pashmina.

    BTW, Ari, congratulations on your mention (on page 56) of Town & Country's new March issue. I found you through that and have spent the entire weekend "catching-up". I am 50 and have sort of had a rebirth of optimism because of seeing these fabulous ladies. Thank you one and all!

  • She is gorgeous!! I think my mom will look like that when she gets older. Her hair is slowly turning white.

  • Such a panache, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I love the way she wear her hair.

  • these women inspire me…I've decided to let my gray hair grow out again! And I want me some big glasses when I get my Rx filled in the next week or two! Fantastic…at last, one step away from 70, I am FREE to be ME! Yay!

  • She has beautiful hair, such wonderful condition – looks like it's been taken good care of. The side sweep reminds me of Veronica Lake.

  • I thought her hair looked great, then I saw the comb and was like, wow! Better than I thought!

  • Amazing woman !

  • beauty.

  • I love it! This lady is gorgeous.

  • She is just beautiful! The pale colors really suit her.

  • Jane

    What an elegant lady! Her has is beautiful as is she! ; )

  • Wow, she is beautiful!! Her hair is so elegant and the colours look so beautiful and fresh on her. They suit her complexion and hair perfectly especially with this hint of pink lipstick! BREATHTAKING!! xxx
    I hope you get to snap her again!!! xx

  • soledilo

    Super elegante!!

  • Gorgeous hair!

  • I just now found this blog and I'm loving it. It reminds me of my great grandmother that passed away couple years ago. Se was always smashing with her violet hair and jackets. Me and my sister got all of her jewellery and her little handbags and i wear them all the time! She always was a reminder that you are never too old for fashion 🙂

  • Her hair is gorgeous!

  • I'm debating letting my hair go. It won't be pretty growing out as a redhead but the white is beautiful.
    Love her color! YES it makes you want to go natural hopefully it will be as elegant as hers.

  • If my hair would look that fabulous, I would definitely go natural. I am not that lucky. Love her in the pastels!

  • I am 31 and started going grey when I was 16. I have been colouring my hair for 15 years and finally just started letting my natural colour grow out. I'd say that your blog had a big influence in this decision. I hope that my colour comes in a beautiful shade of white like this lovely lady's.

  • she is flawless and her hair is beautiful. the colors that she's wearing compliment her skin and hair perfectly!!
    Darling Bonnie

  • Absolutely stunning! I hope I can look like this when I'm older 🙂

    ~ Kieli ~

  • She looks very beautiful and has such a lovely colour combination. I love white hair. Thank you Ari for your wonderful and inspiring site. I hope all your ladies and gentlemen get to see the appreciative responses.

  • Pink lipstick and mint green go together like bread and butter. She has fabulous hair too!

  • Gorgeous and posh!

    I love your blog, congrat´s!

    Regards from Brazil

  • I've just discovered your blog. It's amazing! Adorable ladies…

  • Anonymous

    Lovely style and color palette. truly stunning photo.

  • Ahh, lovely. I went away to boarding school at 13 … and learned to dye my hair. At 45 or so it turned gray. I stopped dying it at that time. Although not white I have a magnificent short grey mane that I love!

  • This past weekend a woman with white hair was sitting in front of my husband and me in church. My 25-y.o. hubby's not known to be very interested in hair and clothes, mind you- but when we left he kept saying things like, "Her hair was so beautiful! Will your hair be like that one day? It looked so soft! She looked like an angel!" Sweetest thing ever.

  • beautiful…

  • Una dama!

  • She looks so graceful and the colours are stunning!

  • Rae

    those colors are incredible with her coloring! absolutely stunning! i hope you run into her again soon!

  • That outfit is absolutely fabulous and what ravishing hair! She's still got it!

  • This lady is a dear friend and as lovely on the inside as out…As of this posting, she hasn't seen your photo…

  • This lady is a dear friend..She is as lovely on the inside as
    In… As of this posting, she hasn't seen the photo..

  • pelikan

    I'm just getting my first gray hair, and I'm just too lazy to dye it. If only it could become as beautiful as this lady's hair!

  • She's a dear friend of mine with a fantastic fashion sense – this is only the tip of the iceberg! Such a lovely person inside & out. So glad you featured her.

  • Our dear friend recently passed away. I am happy to see these photos and lovely comments about her.