Ilona Royce Smithkin’s Reaction to The Advanced Style Book

I stopped by Ilona Royce Smithkin’s apartment to show her a copy of the Advanced Style book. Check out her reaction to seeing herself in print, in the video above. The book also includes an amazing conversation between Ilona and Dita Von Teese! I’m having a great time showing all the ladies their photographs in my book and can’t wait to celebrate its release May 22.
  • wow, love the way she paired orange eyelashes with her hair color! how lovely!
    xo, Tina

  • Me encanta!!

  • Fantastic!I love her lashes too.

  • lovely!

  • I love this woman, she's soo unique and lovely.

  • I love when people have their own sense of style. fabulous!

  • sandy

    Go Ilona with your bad self! That's my girl…

  • her joy is palpable!
    i look forward to your book's release – going to buy it for my favorite "advanced style" lady, my beautiful chic-bohemian aunt.

  • Wow ♥

  • bosco789

    Just ore ordered my copy. I love Ilona too

  • She's my favorite, I love knowing getting older doesn't mean we become invisible!

  • i adore her!!
    Amazing photos!!

  • Leslie

    So lovely!!!

  • I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!! I wish I could just give her the biggest hug, and tell her what an INSPIRATION she is….
    You are such a gift to the world, you really are. I cannot wait for your book, so excited!!!!
    With love and admiration,
    – Irina

  • Eva

    Fantastic blog!


    Un besazo!


  • Sweet! She is so much fun!


  • Very stylish and crazy!