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While I’m in London I am staying at the gorgeous Corinthia Hotel. If you have a chance to come by here on your next trip, the service is fantastic and the grounds are absolutely beautiful. I have been meeting with some of my favorite ladies here all week! Speaking of meetings with Advanced Style Ladies, yesterday I had my book launch party with Mary Portas at House of Fraser. It was an incredible event full of interesting people of all ages. One of my favorite models, Bridget Sojourner stopped by the party and we were able to get a few great new shots! I also met one of my idols, Zandra Rhodes last night!!! I hope to post some more party shots soon, but for now check out Zandra and I below.

  • I wish we meet one day.
    I love your new and daring self, yeahhhhhhhh.
    That pink suit is hot, hot, hot. Nearly as hot as your wonderful ladies.

  • Ohh Congrats for your book ! It must be amazing, like a dream comes true, when the virtual becomes reality, Waw !

    Amazing ! Those women are so classy.

    Biz Laura Nd

  • WOW you met Zandra Rhodes!!!! She is absolutely amazing.
    The lady with green gloves looks stylishly respectable. I love her cloud white hair <3

  • Ari, thanks so much for inviting us to such a fabulous event! I'm going to try & blog about it later – and if it's OK with you I might nab the picture of you & Zandra (?) Keep up the good work!

  • Hi, dear!
    I found your blog very intresting! A lot of inspiration for myself!!!

    I would like to keep in touch with you. Would you like to follow each others blog on GFC and Bloglovin?

    Lots of love,

  • I have to say the same thing I said on Susie Lau's blog, London certainly has some fierce Advanced Style ladies! I'm, really digging those green gloves!

  • I also had the immense treat of meeting Zandra Rhodes years ago, at a Park Avenue shop called Martha. What an amazing lady.

    Ms Portas is another amazing lady, with style, enthusiasm and wisdom.

    Best wishes to you.

  • Congratulations on your book launch, hope it sells really well! Looking great too… I was just reading Susie's post about this and I thought "How did I not realise Ari is so freaking cute?!". Then I noticed your picture is actually at the top of the page. More pictures of you please 🙂

  • Looks like fabulous fun…so very happy for you!
    I just received the book, and it is FANTASTIC!!!
    Thank you, thank you!
    Telling everyone about it…
    – Irina

  • I love your blog!!!
    Where I can buy your book?
    It is available in Germany?

  • Where I can buy your book?
    It is available in Germany?
    best regards!!!

  • I adore your blog. Every time I stop in here I feel uplifted and optimisitc about aging. The women here are stylish and not just young looking..aging well is not just looking younger than our years…it's looking great with our years!

  • Love these green gloves with the all black outfit.

  • Ohh my god! I like that! I follow youu!

  • she is amazing and just shows you can be fashionable at any age! how wonderful !!

  • CarolWL

    Many congrats on the book. These women inspire me every day.

  • For some time I had wanted to write a post about the hugely inspirational Iris Apfel on my blog, but then I discovered via yours this fantastic woman in great detail, along with many other incredible women. In other words, job done, and with such beauty!

  • Ari Seth Cohen your ideas are cool *_* (from Italy!)

  • GvN

    Love those green gloves :)!

    Check out my new giveaway sponsored by Schwarzkopf :)!

    Love * Giorgia

  • It's amazing how well you manage to make every woman look splendid! I admire how well you make a woman, that is not 16 and doesn't have a size 0, look so beautiful and attractive!

  • Mykee; Philippines

    Hi Ari. I have read about you and your blog on the Daily Mail UK and it really is a good inspiration that you have decided to dedicate yourself to these women with style. More than that as I have watched your youtube videos these women who have inspired not only you but many of us are complete inspiration to life itself. Real Glamour and Elegance is very hard to find these days and Im happy you found them for us. Kudos to YOU!

    Mykee; Philippines 🙂

  • Zandra Rhodes is awesome! I would also like to meet her.

    P.S. I just found your blog through this article:

    Where can I find more pictures of Beatrix? She is fabulous!!!

  • Congrats again on the book launch! Your book is on my gift list for several special people in my life.
    Wonderful photos!

  • Looks like a fun night….Zandra how fabulous!!

  • Anonymous

    Great hair and her green gloves so make the outift! Loving your hot pink Ari!
    Cathy G

  • She look great, maybe she had older but look okie.

  • Oh YES, she has style, from top to toe!


  • Incredible modern woman. Everything in her is classy.

  • mel

    This women on your site are so inspirational. Zandra Rhodes – sensational look!

  • Wowwww!!! I wanna dress like this when I grow older… forget!! I wanna dress like this now!!!



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