Folk Artist Malcah Zeldis Explains How Dressing Up Healed Her Pain

Malcah Zeldis is a celebrated  folk artist with paintings in museums all
over the country.She has always used painting as means of self
expression, but severe hip pain left her unable to sit for long periods
of time. Malcah began to discover creative inspiration in the many
colorful pieces of clothing she had collected and found in thrift stores
over the years. Dressing became her new form of expression and healing.
Watch the video above to hear Malcah’s inspiring story in her own
words.(I am happy to say that Malcah is feeling much better now and has
returned to creating her amazing works of art.)

  • I love stories like this and completely agree with the video – I've even sent the link to a friend who told me she didn't see the point in dressing as a form of expression. Like this inspiring woman, though in a much less impressive way bearing in mind I wasn't dealing with hip problems, I found a way to be sure in myself and express myself to the world through clothes after two years of High School spent as an outcast.

    She is a fantastic woman and the first photo is very beautiful. 🙂

  • 😀

    It's so good that all those people pose you. In my country older (than me ;-P) people don't like to be photographed.
    There's still strong social pressure against older people playing with fashion. ;-/

  • Love how fashion has helped this lovely lady heal herself. Great inspiration. I hope I can remember this when I'm ill or am older.

    Thanks for sharing,

  • I've gone through a time much like this one she describes. Clothing is a wonderful medium in which women can nurture themselves. Lord knows we've spent most of our lives nurturing others.

    Enjoyed all the videos too!

  • Wonderful story and wonderful inspiration!


  • I just found your blog and its great to see how you capture streetstyle from another perspective. aged women can be stylish too. great you show this to the world.


  • Happy to see Malcah Zeldis here, but I'm sorry she's been in pain and less able to paint! My kids and I are huge fans of her children's book illustration.

  • Wonderful interviews. I've certainly been through phases where my clothing was my artistic expression. It's fun.

  • CarolWL

    Such an inspiring, beautiful woman. BTW, I love it when you film in the homes and studios of these women. I love to see how they live, how they decorate. That too is inspiring.

  • I too love to hear stories like this. It is true dressing up is an art form and what an inspiring story. Way too often we hear stories from older people about why they CAN'T do such and such anymore so FABULOUS to hear a story about what CAN be done!! Excellent!!!!

  • ,,,malcah is an interesting woman, i would love to meet her. i think people (men & women alike) who enjoy fashion, dressing up and looking their best are artists to some degree and our bodies are our canvases. i enjoy your blog!,,,

  • Anonymous

    Love her hat! …..such a sweet look!
    Cathy G

  • It's really very interesting story and I have similar experience – wearing jewelry made me feel much better 🙂 Actually, it made me make it – for myself at first and then for my friends too. This is really great blog, thank you very much !!!!!!

  • i love this blog. every entry is an inspiration. every woman is unique and colorful, and they all have a sense of wisdom, strength, and joy.

  • Thank you for this wonderful documentary. She is a true artist. I love her playful outfit and the colorful items she wears on the first picture, especially her rings!

  • So cute. It's proved that fashion has no age. I like this so much. Very beautiful.

  • Nice get Up Granny .. U Look Gorgeous in this get up .. So Sweet …

  • Such inspirational people. Always have to stop by this blog and read about so interesting human beings.
    Really love the concept of this blog, I´m a very big fan.

  • Brilliant, inspiring story. Dressing up is always a good way to have fun and escape reality for a while.