Graphic Fashion

Check out Valerie and Jean’s wonderful blog, The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE.

  • Wow, where do I start here? Love how the 2 women's outfits compliment each other perfectly, the Spice Girls-esque moon boots, the Space Galatic-A sandals, the head pieces. They really know how to enjoy fashion and life- Bravo!

  • Fantastic!

  • Haven't seen these gals, in a while.

    I like their spunky style. They go in for rather *unique* outfits… But they do it tongue-in-cheek. As if they are in-on-the-joke. I prefer this…….

    It's probably just me, but I do not appreciate older ladies, who dress in an outrageous way, as if thumbing-their-noses at the world.

    I prefer the classics.

    Or the outrageous… Done tongue-in-cheek, like these great gals.


  • Classy Ladies – I adore monochrome paired off with a bright colour, in this case red, like this. Very chic and striking. I especiallya adore the sunglasses and the hat. 🙂

  • nice fashion style

  • Ahhh, Jean and Valerie – constant sources of inspiration and delight!

  • Very nice, positive and interesting post again! I really like the whole idea of your blog and I´m glad I found it.

  • I love their look so much! ♥

  • I knew it had to be the Fashionistas with a post title like that! They always look great, graphic and fun!

  • The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas never disappoint. Magnificent!

  • All about these stripes!!!! These ladies inspire me-I hope I'm that fashionable later on in life!!! Love that they're living life to the fullest…tres cool!

    xoxo, Elle

  • Just love your pictures. Where do you find these Great Women? 🙂
    I´m a huge fan of your, keep up the good work. Have a wonderful weekend.
    mirka from finland

  • I want that those hats! Love the straw pointy one.

  • sandy

    They take red black and white to new dimensions. I love their style.

  • I love their combined style. And those stripes are fantastico!

  • They are such a gorgeous couple and complement each other so well. What fun!

  • she's wearing a Melissa! 😀

  • This is amazing! x

  • This is art!! they are rocking that black and white with a colorful attitude. I love it.

  • I agree with Carelia. A colorful attitude is so attractive.

  • Great stuff! I love exspecially those sandals and red sunglasses. Good looking ladies 🙂

  • cool girls !!!

  • Really awesome! Style should stay on even when you grow older 🙂