Rockabilly, Los Angeles

Lina and I have been out in California shooting some incredible interviews for our upcoming Advanced Style Documentary. For more on the film CLICK HERE. I am always drawn to those who have a love for vintage, so when I saw this woman’s wonderful rockabilly look,I was totally blown away.

  • I'm blown away too. She looks great!


  • Yeah, she is GORGEOUS. LOVE the beautiful jewellery and the glasses are fab. Sarah xxx

  • I am blown away too! She's awesome!

  • What fantastic style! The thing I like about this the most is that she is rocking a style that was at its peak during her lifetime.

    I wonder if she dressed like this in her youth or if she's making up for time that she didn't?


  • she is super. Super girl

  • she is gorgeous. and I saw you on TV yesterday. HUGE CONGRATS!!!

  • Brilliant!

  • i love all of your work!!
    older people are so interesting and you show the world how gracious one can be!
    (what about men?)

  • She looks beautiful – so beautiful. I love the contrast colours of the accessories with the simplicity of the black top – chic and stylish, with the glasses and lipstick topping it off perfectly. I hope this is how I look at this age. 🙂

  • It's my friend, the always lovely and stylish Pearl Harbor! How I adore her.

  • Anonymous

    I want to have a beer with her! Great style, and I bet she's a hoot.

  • I think she looks wonderful! But…I don't get how you could call this "Rockabilly". It's not really.

  • Sieht die Dame jung aus! Nach einiger Abstinenz von diesem Blog….ich muss mir diese tollen Frauen doch immer wieder anschauen. Vorbilder. So möcht ich aussehen, wenn ich alt bin. Gruss von Cosmee nee am besten jetzt schon. Sehr attraktiv.

  • Women out West seem to be more interested in wearing something Southwest than ladies here in Illinois. There's more emphasis on fantastic hair too. It's almost a requirement in LA.

  • Rock solid – everything she is doing is n-i-c-e….love her bangs,orange nail color, BLACK open neck top

    Again, Ari, thank you for showing some west coast ladies, for us west coast ladies.

  • Anonymous

    That is the one and only Pearl Harbour of Pearl Harbour and The Explosions! She is a San Francisco New Wave icon and an absolutely fabulous, lovely, and charming woman. And yes, always stylish and graceful. Go Pearl!

  • Love this lady's look! Fab use of colour with the nails and jewellery. Love the layered look also.

  • Thank you Ari! I have only today found out about your blog. As a 52 year old woman who loves getting beyond others' sense of fashion and who makes most of my own clothes, I am so delighted to see your celebration of 'older' glamorous women.

    I'll keep watching your blog and hope one day you might come to Australia.

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY! An older woman who looks actually hip. While the people (women AND men) you photograph are always well-dressed, and some of them are quite artsy in their dress, there are virtually no people who truly look cool. This lady is an inspiration.

  • she looks great even at this age .. and the lipstick , hair cut is just awesome 🙂

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  • She totally owns it and that is what style is all about!

  • I've nominated "Advanced Style" for a One Lovely Blog award. If you'd like to take part, you can read about it on my blog. Thanks for writing a blog that I always look forward to reading. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Rockabilly by way of Santa Fe…..

  • this jewelry is gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    She looks wonderful! I hope to incorporate such a powerful, sexy, awesome attitude into my style as I turn 50 & beyond…