An English Lady

 This stunning woman was attending an opera festival outside of London when I spotted her and asked if I could take her picture. She told me that no one had thought that she was every stylish before  and that she was delighted to pose for a photograph.
  • I can't believe that no one has ever told her that she was stylish before – every element of her outfit is great, especially the gloves!

  • Thanks for photograph ~ agree there should be more of the fab gloves!

  • aw, so great! i'm sure you made her day!

  • She's got a wonderful smile!

  • Aaw, it's lovely that you are the first person to tell her she's stylish but I can't believe somebody has never said it before!


  • Yes, this woman looks wonderful! I love her style sense. The sequin beret is dreamy.

  • MJ

    um….those gloves!!!!!

  • Love the gloves and I love the fact you are discovering these wonderful women in their prime.

  • Anonymous

    what a cutie-pie! love the mixing of colors and patterns, and her sweet smile.

    everyone: share the love! if you see someone wearing something with style, tell them!


  • It is really obvious that she is so stylish before. Even she looks old but still gorgeous and well dress.

  • very good post

  • Just looking at her brings a smile to my face …….

  • I love her beret and her gloves! Lovely photo, and you must have absolutely made her day, which is just lovely.

  • …what a dear!

  • Dare I say it? GLOVES!

  • What beautiful gloves.

  • so stylish !
    Greetings from Poland 🙂

  • What a cool woman. It's lovely that her style has been acknowledged. Love those gloves!!

  • OMG!!! How this can be possible. She is like my granny who is no more.

  • she looks super sympa !

  • Her combination of patterns and colors is very stylish and shows her creativity/individuality. She looks like such a lovely and kind lady–I wish I could join her for a cup of tea!

  • Anonymous

    Im soooo happy that we get to see these woman of true style still loving who they are.