Joyce and Debra Share Some of Their Health Secrets

 If I have learned anything over the last four years it is that style is a reflection of how we feel and take care of ourselves. I caught Joyce and Debra in the middle of a conversation on this very topic and I wanted to share a few of their health secrets with everyone.
  • They are so right.
    You are what you eat. I have been a vegetarian for years.We make our own bread, and try to buy local seasonal fruit and vegetables; but as Debra points out, life is too short not to allow yourself little pleasure.
    Love you all and want to meet and give you ABRAZOS( hugssssssssssss)

  • I agree a lot can be said about the way a person cares about the outside and inside. I'm left imagining a sweatshirt dressed slob on a ratty couch with potato chip crumbs and grease stains all over.

  • also, nightshade foods cause inflammation of joints & gout. Foods to eliminate from your diet if experiencing joint pain are;Potatoes, tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, tomatillos, tamarios, pepinos, pimentos, paprika, and cayenne peppers are classified as nightshade foodsHere is a link you might find helpful.

  • Dear Ari
    I would love to hear what Joyce is saying and I can barely hear Debra but your voice is as clear as a bell. Could you hold the mic near them when they are speaking. All joy to you and yours. Smiles

  • What fabulous tips ladies, thank you very much. Definitely more of these vlogs will be fantastic. These ladies know what they are talking about!

  • FANTASTIC!!! Once a month health and wellness tips from what I consider the EXPERTS and PROFESSIONALS because they are living their wellness tips not just reading them from a text book and then trying to come up with a prescription drug to sell you THANK YOU ARI and the ladies who participate in health.

  • CarolWL

    Joyce is absolutely right about turmeric; it's helped me tremendously, especially for the arthritis in my wrists and knees. And, speaking of Joyce, she's one of my favorites on your blog; I love her look. And Debra is such an inspiration, too.

  • Thanks for the tips Ladies, I've found them very interesting!!!!!!

  • Great tips. I could listen to these lovely ladies all day.

  • Anonymous

    Can't hear Joyce. She's so beautiful, would love to hear her!

    P.S. Quite often it's difficult to hear the ladies – though your voice is always clear.


  • In this blog of yours, I found so many interesting themes and even if I did not yet responded to none, you to know that I read them with great interest. Success.

  • I could hardly hear their advice. I love the blog so I want to hear them talk.
    Thank you