The Style Crone Hits Manhattan

It’s always so much fun when one of my favorite bloggers, The Style Crone, comes to visit New York City. Judith has such a great perspective when it comes to life and style. Her blog is a must read for anyone needing a little inspiration. For more of Judith’s wonderful outfits and words of wisdom CLICK HERE.

  • J'adore Judith! The Style Crone is such a beautifully written blog, I admire her positive energy.

  • You've taken ManHATtan by storm – first the catwalk and now Ari's magnificent Advanced Style, speaking words of wisdom about the cyclonic positive energy of hats. It's so wonderful to hear your voice – you are even more beautiful in film than you are in photos. Thanks, Ari, for this post.

  • How beautiful is Judith. That suit, the colour and her eyes. I am going to check out her blog.

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are killing me, Ari.
    Judith is the most beautiful, stylish and warmest creature in the world, and I am soooooooo proud to call her my friend too.
    Love you both to bits.

  • Judith is such an inspiration – she is always beautiful and stylish, and she has the most positive attitude to life. Great to see her on film too!

  • och, she is so adorable.

  • She's fabulous, and I really hope to be able to meet her someday.

  • Just look at that wonderful figure! Way to go, Girl. 🙂


  • love this look on this fabulous woman!

  • Thank you for featuring Judith, who is one of my favourite bloggers as well! What an incredible suit and hat, and wonderful presence. Her thoughtful perspectives are so wise.

  • The SC is one of my alltime favorite bloggers too- and I do believe she lights up any corner of the planet. I love her style, her gracefullness and her attitude about living. What a pleasure to hear her sweet lilt of a voice on your video. Lovely!

  • Wieso wirken all die Frauen so frisch und so jung? Unglaublich. Gruss von Cosmee

  • I love Judith's style and spirit, and will be meeting her in a couple of days when I'm in NY! Perhaps I might see you too?

  • Oh my goodness, she's FABULOUS! I want to be her when I grow up.

  • Very Classic style, I'm in love with that hat! She is a goregous woman with a ton of style. Thanks for featuring her, and I'm so glad she has a blog.

  • Adore everything about Judith's style. Great post. I love your blog.


  • Another huge fan of the Style Crone and love that hat!

  • Absolutely stylish and gorgeous. Thanks for introducing her!

  • Ohh she's soo lovely! I just adore that suit! I'm not sure if it's actually vintage but it has a wonderful 40's feel to it.


  • Jan

    How does she keep her waist so slim? In the first photo she could be on a Vogue cover, so gorgeous and love the outfit! Wooo wooo!

  • How fun to hear Judith's voice for the first time and she looks lovely in this beautiful blue/gray!

  • Lem

    She looks gorgeous. Such great poise. I hope I can be as gorgeous as her even if I'm wearing simple ladies tops.

  • Judith, I love the sound of your voice, it suits your beautiful and gentle spirit. xo!!!

  • Evalyn

    What a lovely woman in her lovely suit and jewelry. Hats for a better tomorrow!

  • Thank you for featuring Judith – she's one of my favourite bloggers too! Nice to see a video interview with her.

  • Her style is IMPECCABLE & A.MA.ZING!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • I cannot get enough of these awesome ladies. Talk about Style!! This is style!!

  • She is absolutely stunning! Great sense of Style and a beautiful perspective on life!

  • Totalmente maravillosa… transmite un optimismo ;D
    Genial post, BESOS DESDE MADRID!!

  • I am going to invest in a few more hats I think.

  • I just adore this hat. this woman has a wonderful joy for life and happiness that you can just breathe in. it's so wonderful. I love it.

    hugs, Vanessa

  • great style!


  • Nice blog. Hope convincing them to take their pictures was not that hard.

  • Great turban!

  • Ahhhh, she's so pretty! I love her energy!


  • LOVE!!!!

  • LOVE!!!