Alice Carey On The Highline

I had the privilege of joining Alice Carey and her wonderful husband Geoffrey on a special tour of   the unfinished section of the High Line Park. We had the great honor of walking on the original freight rails before the third phase of the park’s construction began. Although we were in the middle of Manhattan, it felt as if we could have been walking along some abandoned railway in the middle of the desert. If you visit New York, a trip to the High Line is a must. For more information on  this spectacular site CLICK HERE.

  • There's something about those gorgeous redheaded ladies …

  • Guess that she's too young, but …

  • Anonymous

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  • Wouldn't it be so wonderful if they kept a section just like that. It is beautiful, and so is she!

  • Very cool! Fashion knows no age, big respect 🙂

  • I don't know where you find all these amazing women. So classy and loaded with style.

  • That's a glorious Vita Sackville West style she's working there!

  • great shots, I have heard from many others about the High Lane,
    can't wait to have a look myself !
    and I do like the haircolor of Alice !

  • Que preciosas fotografías, su cabello y su felicidad. Gracias por compartir. Quiero invitarte a conocer mis 8 Blogueras Favoritas, de esta temporada. Ellas son estupendas, no te las pierdas Besos y besos.

  • Not only does one enjoy the style of older women (and gents!) here on AS, but a variety of great looks and style- Alice is great- like a Kate Hepburn but real. Classic, menswear inspired but totally femme. Lovely!

  • Lovely lady, in just the right outfit for a walk on the Highline.
    To turn this old elevated railroad into a park is simply wonderful.

  • Alice is always so gorgeously colourful! The contrasting green bag is just perfect!

  • I could just kick myself. Only recently did i hear about the highline. I have been to NYC twice since and haven't visited. My daughter says it is one of the most unique aspects (and parks) in the city. Next time….

  • Makes me wish I was in NY again… Really love your site!

  • I just love how her hair coordinates with her scarf and blouse. So elegant and fun!

  • Dear Ari,

    I LOVE when you post Alice Carey updates. Her style and color selections always put me in a state of calm; she is a visual delight. And her hubby looks pretty spiffy, too.
    Thank you!

  • Lovely colors in all the photos. You're right. It's like a bit of nowhere in the middle of a huge somewhere. The last photo is my favorite. Beautiful red-headed model.

  • Sol

    I love this look! She is perfect!

  • Great looks. You've made that Women s cardigan sweater jump to the top of my wishlist.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, I want her boots!!

  • You are fun but serene.