A Painter’s Life

Ilona Royce Smithkin Teaching Painting Classes in Provincetown(Still From The Advanced Style Documentary)

Lina just sent me this great still, from the Advanced Style Documentary, of Ilona teaching painting class at the Provincetown Art Museum. I can’t wait until we can finally show everyone the full length documentary and share more of these wonderful ladies’ stories with the world. Ilona is a wonderful painter and teacher whose work and living spaces are just as colorful  as the wonderful outfits she puts together everyday.

  • is that her apartment? wow… lots going on there!!!

  • I did not know Ilona was an artist! I am an artist too! I am looking forward to the documentary you are creating!

  • She is so adorable!

  • That is wonderful. I would love to see some of her work.

  • I would love to take lessons from Illona. Perhaps one day . . .

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