Advanced Style Featured in The BBC News Magazine

Ilona just called called to tell me that a friend of hers saw her picture featured on the BBC homepage this morning! To read the entire article CLICK HERE.

  • great shot of the lady in the yellow dress!

  • Best outfit at your blog so far and we love it a lot:*

  • wonderful ladies)

  • Just found your blog after reading the BBC article. You take wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing your work – I hope to have as much energy and look as good when I reach my 70s, 80s and 90s!

  • wonderful pictures

  • wonderful pictures

  • Nice

  • Manuela

    Ms Carpati is so chic, I hope I'd be exactly like that when I will be that age. As far as the hairstyle she is sporting in the picture… I plan to try that tomorrow!

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  • Anonymous

    Congratulations, Ilona and Ari, on that wonderful BBC article. The photo of Ilona is just beautiful!
    jill in Ontario

  • Very nice post in The BBC News Magazine

  • this lady looks preety , nice glasses 🙂
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