Linda Rodin in Grey Magazine

A few months ago, my dear friend Valentina asked if I would shoot an editorial for her gorgeous biannual hardcover magazine Grey. I have always admired her work and was thrilled to work with her on two shoots, featuring Linda Rodin and Jenny Hirschowitz. I’ll post some shots from Jenny’s shoot next week. To see my full story with Linda Rodin CLICK HERE and to purchase Issue VIII of Grey CLICK HERE.

FYI—-Linda Rodin is also on The Coveteur today!!! You can find the feature HERE.

  • extraodrinary.

  • Fantastic! Love this shoot.

  • amazing

  • awww, puppy! not really a puppy anymore, i believe, but a cute dog. and loving how she can make a plaid shirt seem so effortlessly elegant! x Keke

  • I have spoken with her on the phone when I tried to reorder her product which I loved!I just made the connection now who she is!What a STUNNING woman!I better buy more RODIN product immediately!This was a few years ago I spoke with her when she first started out with the OLIO LUSSO I believe.What a small world……..I too own an antique store so I feel we would get on in a heart beat!

  • She is gorgeous!
    Art by Karena

  • Gorgeous shooting and the sunnies in the first pic … simply awe!

  • Amazing! she is an inspiration
    kisses from

  • My new Plaid Hero! Plaid with Ruffles? Yes, please. Oh, and let's not forget those amazing pants in the second shot!

  • beautiful!

  • Linda is stunning, with a very streamlined, elegant style. Her dog is just as elegant as she is!

  • As smart as pretty

  • Cooool.. Inspiring.. sight for sore eyes 🙂
    I'm on a quest for nice blogs today. This is being bookmarked! no doubt.
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  • Oh my… Incredible beautiful!

  • We've heard there was a place for beauty in all our lives.

  • She is so beautiful! And stylish. Has it all. Minerva x

  • She's gorgeous! And she looks a lot like style icon Millicent Rogers, so of course she's gorgeous.

  • Wow! x

  • What an amazing style icon!

  • Anonymous

    You look stunning. I have just tuned 60 and it's been a difficult time for me indeed.
    I see you looking so beautiful and full of lífe that it seems ok.
    But yes you aré gorgeous.

    Hugs Susan

  • Anonymous

    Your gorgeous in side and outside

  • Anonymous