Forever Young at Heart

For the last 20 years, Ruth 101-years old and Al 89, have been traveling the world together and dancing the nights away. They first met on a cruise, when Al noticed how elegant Ruth was dressed and asked her to dance. To celebrate her 100th birthday, Ruth and Al cruised to the Caribbean. Al told me, “Ruth always looks so gorgeous and she is such a fun person to be with. I love getting all dressed up and riding the bus with her. People always tell us how great we look together.”

  • This is such an inspiration! What a beautiful couple!

  • These people are true inspiration!

  • I agree, they look gorgeous!!!

  • I want her shoes and lipstick. Do you think you could get her to spill the details for us?

  • They are such a great couple – I love his funky glasses and striped shirt. It makes sense she would be with a younger man as it's unlikely there are any her age that could keep up with her!

  • I want to be Ruth when I grow up. Also, I love her shoes!

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  • Ruth you are the most elegant cougar I've ever seen!! Kidding of course….Beautiful couple.You both exude love!!

    Hugs Giggles

  • 101 and 89??? WOW! They look AMAZING! And what energy.

    I love "meeting" the people you share on your blog and only hope I can look half as good when I reach their age!

  • Chi

    Wow… That's a couple who are truly in love with each other. I wish them many more "youthful" years together.

  • Wonderful post!

  • Karen

    What an inspiration she is! Her eyes shine with life and happiness. A truly beautiful woman.

  • Rebecca

    How gorgeous are they?? What a beautiful couple.

  • God Bless them!

  • They are beautiful! Such a fine Lady and Gentleman.

  • 101 and still styling! WOW – what a fun couple they are.

  • jen

    Learn to spell – it's FOREVER, not foreRver

  • This is just tooooo cute. I wish everyone in the world finds their true LOVE =)

  • lovely photo

  • Beautiful – I hope to find the perfect shade of red lipstick some day!

  • Beautiful couple indeed.

  • Lovely couple they look so happy, hope they are forever young!

  • Wow, she was 80 when she found him.. Imagine how many different lives one can have if one lives that long…

  • They look gorgeous, in love, and vibrant. Wishing them many, many more years of love and happiness!