If You Want To Dress Like An Advanced Style Lady…

I remember the first time I saw a picture of a woman wearing an arm full of bracelets. I was at the library with my grandmother, flipping through photography books, when I came across Man Ray’s photographs of Nancy Cunard. I showed the photos to my grandma and she said, “Honey, those are bakelite bracelets, I have some at home if you want to look at them.” One of my favorite pastimes when I was a child, was to look through my grandmother’s wooden drawers full of treasures from the past. I  remember these times so well: Flipping through her old photographs, peering through her mother’s antique, mother of pearl opera glasses, and letting strands of beads and bracelets cover every inch of my tiny hands. She invited me into her private world and told me stories of her past, while shaping my sense of aesthetics for the future. My grandmother never made me feel like a little kid, never made me feel bad for asking any question, and always had time to show me something new.

When I moved to New York from San Diego in 2008, I took everything I had learned from my grandma with me. This is probably the reason I started to approach older women on the street(my grandmother had recently passed) asking them questions about their personal style, and wanting to share their stories with others. One of the things I noticed was that many of them were wearing armloads of bracelets– Or was it me who was drawn to something I had seen in my past, a moment once shared with my beloved Grandma Bluma?

  • Lovely. Bracelets have a exotic, tribal feel to them. I wore all of my mother's bracelets for my wedding reception when I changed into a saree.

  • When you talk about style, your family and your inspiration you really express yourself beautifully Ari.

  • How amazing is this blog! i am deffinatly following!


  • Love this post! The Nancy Cunard/Man Ray pic is fab, as is the story about your grandma and all those gorgeous Advanced Style ladies.

  • Ari,

    Bracelet LOVE! I'm imagining the glorious sound those bracelets make when these ladies gesture.

    I, too, had a grandmother that was all about jewelry. She would give me very nice pieces as gifts when I was a child. I would put them in my little jewelry box for safe keeping, but never wear them for fear of losing them. I would only take them out from time to time to admire them.

    One day, grandma asked why I wasn't wearing the jewelry she gave me. I told her I was afraid of losing it. She told me to wear it and if I lost it, she would replace it. It's from her that I learned that you should never consider something too precious to wear, especially if you love it.

    Your ladies today as so beautiful; can't stop looking!

  • Anonymous

    I am enjoying this post. My age has advanced while my style has definitely retreated! These pictures remind me of the years in my life when I loved, collected and wore bracelets a lot. I think I never reached the style heights of any of these ladies but I do know the pleasure of beautiful bracelets that suit one perfectly. Maybe it's time to go rummage around in my boxes!

  • Gorgeous! The original arm party!

  • My mother's aunt had such a jewelry box. I remember it well and it began my love for jewelry. I love this post.

  • I love the stories you tell about your relationship with your grandmother. I also have fond memories of playing dressups with my Nana's scarf collection and looking at her jewellery.

  • Such I lovely story! I used to do the same thing with my grandmother, every time I went to visit her we would go through her jewelry collection together and she would tell me lots of stories. I loved putting on all the bracelets my tiny arm could hold!

  • Love each and every one. Your post make me smile every time I open them.

  • There is nothing like a ton of bangles and bracelets. They turn an ordinary outfit into wild! One of the librarians at the Ottawa library has about 20 silver bangles on each wrist. Fabulous!

  • i just love everything you're doing here.

    amen fashion

  • Hi Ari. What a wonderful post this is and wow those bracelets are awesome. I paint bangles and some of them looked like some of mine. Of course they weren't but wow! I better get back to painting bangles, there may be someone out there who would love to wear one of mine. :)(promoting myself, shame on me.) Beautiful women, awesome bangles and excellent post about it all. Thank you.

  • Love it. I no longer have the book, nor can I remember their names – but Mummy grew up across the street from the Bakelite people – they were rather notorious.

  • Karen

    I love your blog. Such incredibly beautiful women it's not "age defying" but age defining. Maybe since I'm about to turn 65 myself 🙂 but since seeing the women you photograph so lovingly my whole beauty identity has changed. Thank you for what you are doing here.

  • The 5th photo down (not counting the b&w one at the top) just stands out! The Green POPS out against her White blouse. Are those some kind of clips on her collar?


  • What wonderful photos, Ari! Your ladies all look brilliant in their bangles and it shows the bangles don't have to be expensive, just fabulous.

  • Wish wish wish I could be more of a jewelry person. It's the last thing I think of, and if I do end up wearing anything more than my plain wedding band I fuss and play with it until I look like a baby with a teething ring!
    I raise my hat (another thing I never wear) to the classy women who can pull off all the bling and still come out shining more than their outfits.

  • I love your story Ari…you are so blessed to have had such a special relationship with your beautiful Grandmother…your original muse!
    Adore all of these looks…

  • Elles sont splendides, je veux être comme elles.
    Vous donnez à voir une très belle façon de vieillir, très joyeuse. Merci.

    They are magnificent, I want to be as them.
    You give to see a very beautiful way of aging, very joyful. Thank.


  • Thank you, thank you ,thank you! I want to be that woman in white linen on the beach when I grow up!

  • I love this blog a lot but I particularly enjoy these more personal posts. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Lynne97060

    This is one of my favorite stories ever, Ari. I'm not a bangle girl myself — my hands are so small most bangles slide right off my hands. But I would love a photo print of each and every shot to decorate my boudoir with vicarious pleasure.

  • You are so blessed to have had such a close, and inspiring, relationship with your grandmother. I'm sure that each time you see an older woman wearing an armload of bracelets, there is a part of you that connects it to Bluma. All of these women look wonderful with their own personal arm parties!

  • I quadruple love the way a bunch of bracelets look, but every time I try to wear it I find them to be so encumbering! I wonder if there is a way to get past that. At the moment I can only handle crazy earrings and not-to-heavy necklaces.

    I adore your blog.


  • Ari I love to see these fabulous women in their finest. I am wearing more and more bracelets.

    The other night I watched some episodes from Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime. I adore Tuppence and all of her gorgeous ensembles with matching hats!

    Art by Karena

  • Que buena lectura, las pulseras son y serán un hit. Gracias por compartir. Te dejo muchos abrazos y te invito a ver las Portadas más famosas de mayo y espero que me cuentes cual es le que más te ha gustado. Besos todos

  • Beautiful post!

    This is certainly my favourite style blog! It's always a great inspiration.
    I love to read about your experiences and memories with your own family.

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  • I love when you share about your grandma xo

  • Loving all the colorful bijoux!

  • Anonymous

    This is one of my favorites, Ari. I love that you featured one accessory and showed how your wonderful advanced style women accessorize with them. Great work, and wonderful that you celebrate a group of women who often get lost in the media's rage for youth, which is often not half so interesting as what you present. Thanks!

  • This is such a pretty show of a fashion that I'm completely mesmerized. The lady is just like my granny.

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  • I am speechless these women are amazing.


  • Libby

    All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The women and their bracelets are just stunning and so is your blog!! The best blog ever Ari!!

  • I had a great relationship with my mum and grandmother…..they always dressed for the occasion and always leet me dress up in their fineary. I still have my grandmothers wedding dress and I wore my mothers wedding shoes at my wedding. I'm in my 50th year now and I can relate and appreciate the style and grace of the women here rather than be depressed by the fly by night fashion of the here and now. This is a wonderful site full of wonderful life loving women.

  • Great grandmother style, Love very much!

  • Amazing blog! I am in love. With the blog, and with one of the ladies above. Can you get me her number?

  • Amazing blog! I am in love. With the blog, and with one of the ladies above. Can you get me her number?

  • Nice ladies. All the accessories are charming especially the bracelets are nice-looking. The handbags are also parallel with their dresses.

  • Yes. Yes. Yes. I love their concept of fun and their way of expressing themselves♡
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