Beatrix Ost’s Magical World

Jacket by Gaultier

Each time I get  together with Beatrix Ost, I enter into a world full of art, color, and magic. Check out the video below to hear more from this incredible 73-year-old woman.

  • She is totally rocking that Gaultier jacket, and I love it! Many women half her age wouldn't have the confidence or poise to carry that off. Such a great look!

  • This is the best example of someone who can be both elegant and funky at the same time and completely pull it off. She is so unique and very clearly at peace with herself. A true role model!

  • That Gaultier jacket looks incredible on her – I agree with the previous commenter who said that most women half Beatrix' age would not have the moxie to carry it off. I would love to meet her!

  • Anonymous

    she's gorgeous, and totally right. you have to inhabit it, FEEL it, and train yourself to look for it, and to let the negative thoughts pass by. great advice that everyone should be lucky enough to be hear early in life.


  • she is so stunning…

  • She is Gorgeous! Admirable!

  • Love the portrait. Good work :^)

  • She is amazing! As a 15-year-old I can truly say she has aged axactly as I hope to (and wish everyne would!) staying true to herself.
    I love the painting behind her and how her scarf mathes the purple tones in it…

  • I can only hope to have that much style and positive attitude when I reach her age. She's my new MUSE

  • OUTSTANDING in EVERY WAY!!! She is beautiful with depth from the inside out and the projection is a feast for the eyes. She breaks down so many stereotypes and should be on the cover of every major fashion magazine around the world.

  • Beatrix is such an elegant woman with amazing style. Great photo.

  • Such a Queen!

  • very inspirational, i really love the photos…Gaultier jacket looks incredible, really does…

  • i'm thankful to know any person like this, they make life more beautiful! she is beautiful and looks like precious art