20 Of The Most Stylish Senior Couples Ever

The other day I was looking through old photographs of my Nana and Papa,
Hal and Helen Cohen. Every time we would go out together, people would stop to compliment them and tell them how lovely they looked. My Nana and Papa will always be a huge inspiration to me. Here are twenty other incredibly stylish senior couples that I have snapped over the years:
  • Wonderful..and inspiring!

  • Oh how I enjoyed looking a these sharply dressed couples ! I have an aunt and uncle who I think would fit the bill!

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    looking at these photos i can't help but to think about the kind of life story they had lived and i am betting that it isn't all champagne and roses. Whatever it took them, individually or together, to find the contentment and peace at the advanced age is what i'd be interested to know. May they live out the rest their life in thanksgiving and grace….

    enjoy your book and blog but envious of the wisdom and friendship you gain from your subjects.

  • Wow, one can only hope to find a mate so stylish to both look good at that age!


  • SPEECHLESS! I love this POST. It emphasizes that these people found their mate who COMPLEMENT his/her LOOK and COMPLEMENT his/her personality, COMPLEMENT his/her views, life, perspective, morals and future. They may not have been as "fashionable" but it reminds me of my PARENTs. Thank you.

  • Love how your capture the real affection they have for each other.

  • excellent – love them all!

  • So nice to see these couples complimenting and inspiring each other's styles. It tells you something about their personalities when you see that they care about their style and haven't lost that part of themselves as many people do when they age.

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    very sweet. thanks for sharing.


  • Absolutely fabulous couples. I want to be like that.

  • Love love love these couples…so interesting and fun!!

    Hugs Giggles

  • Beautiful! Your Nana and Papa reminds me of my Nana and Papa. It is so wonderful to see Advanced Style couples. One day I hope that my husband and I reach the Advanced Style stage of life.

  • Is so lovely to see the reflection of love and style not matter the age.

  • jennifer

    only 1 word to say "WONDERFUL".
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  • Couples enjoying each other and stylish as well! I can see why you were inspired by your grandparents. They inspire me!

  • Just awesome….The couples are looking too much beautiful… 4 or five cuples are too much cute there… 😀

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  • CarolWL

    Wonderful, Mr. Cohen. Just absolutely lovely.

  • what fun!

  • Matryoshkadollie


  • Oh Ari, these are wonderful.