Richelle Jones

I snapped a quick shot of Richelle on our way into the Huffington Post offices. Check out our chat with HuffPost Live below.

  • I am so touched by you all.
    Love you Ari.

  • Confidence. Style. Just gorgeous! Richelle rocks!

  • GvN

    I enjoyed every minute of this video. These ladies remind me of my beautiful 65 years old mum, whom I am so proud of!

    Go ladies!


  • This post is awesome like others.

  • Ohhhh Momma…GREAT shot, Ari! THANK YOU!!! xoxo, R!

  • Wow…Richelle is stunning. Thanks as always, Ari.

  • "Huffington Post offices", sounds like y'all were off to mail a letter. All was made clear upon reading the next line. :o) Although, now I really want to kick it up a notch next time I go to mail a letter at the post office. :o)

  • Anonymous

    Ari, comme elles vous aiment toutes ces dames amies !

  • Monique

    Ari, comme elles vous aiment ces dames amies !

  • Anonymous

    Did the documentary film make it to theaters, where can we watch it?

  • Thank you Ari for this wonderful interview. Your hard work is inspiring and thank you for letting these women be heard and have a voice in the media. Age can be celebrated every day and your message proves it.

  • Love the video!! I think it´s true not matter how old you are, you can always look beautiful.

  • Alice hit the nail! As a young woman I was pressured into eschewing makeup and anything "artificial". I never felt completely comfortable in my skin, but wasn't supposed to take any steps to create myself as I saw myself from within. I've finally shed that, at 60. I am my own artwork, and it's so much fun now!

  • Anonymous

    Richelle is simply BEYOND!

  • Absolutely, stunning and sexy too!