A Private Tour of Beatrix Ost’s Magical Country Estate

No Sour Meadows on Nowness.com
Beatrix Ost’s universe is full of beauty and magic. Take a glance into her extraordinary world  in this video by Columbine Goldsmith for NOWNESS.com .

  • adopt me, I'll do the laundry.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed that! She has amazing personal style!

  • Anonymous

    Beatrix and her family and her life take my breath away. I love her. Thanks for posting this.

  • s

    That's wonderful that she used a pendulum to make such an important life decision. Maybe this will help bring it more into the mainstream. If only more people realized how powerful dowsing can be!

  • Absolutely stunning!!!!!

  • Oh wow. My heart just danced with glee when I saw this video. So much love and warmth in this small amount of time. I loved it when they stood there, he with his arm around Beatrix and he kissed her head and she lay her head on his chest. She was full of love for him. Oh how romantic. I feel jubilant!! Yay for going for what you want in life. Thanks so much for sharing. Beatrix you rock and you are beautiful! Thanks Ari.

  • Anonymous

    YES!!! love this. it reminds me of my dreams. thank you for posting.

    cicadas and fireflies.


  • This is absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing. gives us something to aim for as we get older….this is the perfect life!

  • Me ha emocionado , maravilloso , gracias por compartirlo !!!!

  • Extraordinary and magical…..
    Thank you so much for sharing this…