Summer In The City

This woman is dressed perfectly for a hot summer’s day in the city. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

  • Gorgeous outfit.

  • Looking comfortable and fab!

  • Cute <3

  • It is a very beautiful style this lady has. So elegant and classic.

  • Yes, she is. So simple but elegant. Your blog and book have inspired me to wear jewelry I've had for years and to continue to celebrate my womaness despite my advancing years. Thank you.

  • Great color and silhouette! And what a snappy handbag. Beautiful!

  • So cool!

  • cm

    I was wondering if the filmmaker could do a project featuring more Black women or other women of color. There does not seem to be a space for older women of color that express themselves through alternative style. When I have looked, the women often appear matronly and not as avant garde as the white women that are highlighted. If not, i'd like guidance on how I could try to create such a project.

    I have an MA in Film studies with a focus in documentary film and I am currently a PhD student in American Culture Studies on the media track and a special interest in popular culture. I am going to be in my research and dissertation stage beginning Fall '16.

    Clitha Mason