Theresa, Madrid, NM

A few weeks ago I traveled to New Mexico for a couple of days to meet my friends Orren and Rob. On my way through Madrid, New Mexico I met Theresa, a local who has been living in the town for over 40 years. Theresa told us about our gorgeous surroundings and some history about the historic mining towns nearby. If you get a chance to visit New Mexico, I highly recommend a drive along the Turquoise Trail and a stop for lunch in Madrid.

  • Sounds great and when I visit I'll be having a cold beer, just like the woman in your photo.

  • Anonymous
  • I didn´t know there was another Madrid in New mexico, ahhhhhhhhhhh.
    live and learn
    Wonderful pics, Ari and HAPPY BIRTHDAY my boy.

  • Great post and I love it when you add personal words to your posts. This is a lovely lady and she looks spirited as well. No pun intended. tee hee. Actually New Mexico is on my list of trips. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Ari, I love the concept of your blog especially in a world that seems to celebrate only the young and the quick! So I nominated you for a Liebster Award, and you can get the details off my blog Art Earth Ink Soul, on the 24 Sept post.

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  • She looks like a woman who would have some great stories to tell…