All In The Details

Every detail of this woman’s outfit is stunning, from the gorgeous pleated sleeve to her elegant black tie and wonderful earrings.

  • Stunning, she´s so unique!

  • Impresionante!!!


  • She is superbly put together.

  • Hi Ari!

    I've followed you forever, anonymously in the beginning, because I wasn't plugged in to the matrix. But since those early days, I've started a blog thanks to you, met wonderful people like Judith the Style Crone, and have been enriched by the wonderful people you feature. I still get disheartened sometimes, feeling discouraged and blah. Inevitably I end up here, and immediately I'm enthralled and inspired by the photos, just like this one.

    I just wanted to let you know and say thank you.

    Much love, Jean

  • Stunning – no other word can describe better…

  • She looks great! She has style and look very jovial.

  • Claire

    There is something ironic about a photograph of an older woman facelifted back to 20 years old, on a blog about aging gracefully!