Suzi Click at The Grau Haus

Last weekend I visited artist and designer Suzi Click at the historic Crossroads of The World Shopping Mall in Los Angeles. She was having a sale of her work at The Graus Haus, an incredible shop full of wearable art and accessories. I picked up a great jacket for my mom and got some new shots of Suzi. Check out more of her fantastic work HERE  .

  • Suzi looks fabulous – and I love those boots!

  • I love her store and her designs and I could just stare at her all day, living breathing walking art that's what she is!

  • Everything she's wearing is a work of art, especially those amazing boots. She is the queen of colour and pattern!

  • This outfit is like reading my mind! I thinkabout such native black/redyellow color blocking for weeks now! Thank you for sharing!

  • I have some amazing Grau clothes from back when the store was on Melrose a hundred years ago! How do I find out about the sale and when to go??

  • Never mind … thanks for the link! 😉

  • Richelle Darben Makeup

    Amazing colours! If a client walked into my makeup studio like this, I might actually struggle to find the perfect eye shadow lol