A Signature Look

All Eyewear by l.a. Eyeworks

When I’m out on the street looking for people to photograph I am often drawn to men and women who have a signature look. Most of the ladies and gentleman who appear on this blog eschew the latest trends in favor of their own distinct personal style. Gai Gherardi, co-founder and designer of l.a Eyeworks, is a perfect example of someone dresses in a style all her own. She chooses the fabrics  for all of her stunning pant suits and always looks wonderfully creative and unique. Have you found your signature look yet? Join the conversation and add your own photos on our Facebook page HERE.

  • Gai really does have a very specific look, and her pantsuits are eye-catching, and look like they are very comfortable. It's hard to pull off a style like that without looking like you left the house in your pajamas (albeit very stylish ones).

  • Anonymous

    Gai has found her signature look and she is stunning. I like the patterns she chooses and the way she mixes them.
    I am still trying to find mine. To really have one's signature look, I think, one would have to make one's clothes and whatever accessories one enjoys wearing.
    Hats and my usual kaleidoscope of colour would constitute part of my signature.
    Maureen G.

  • it's a fantastic look!

  • Amazing outfit! In love with this whole look