Joyce and Alice

Joyce Carpati and Alice Carey have a wonderful look for every season.

  • I do always enjoy seeing your photographs of Alice Carey and her fabulous sense of style.

    I've often seen her while we've both been shopping at the Union Sq. Farmers Markey and keep thinking that I will say hello next time. (Don't want to interrupt her privacy and during this very chilly January, it's really not a time to linger during market visits.

    Best wishes.

  • Lovel ladies. Ari I wish you could meet my mom, she is the true fashionista and lives in NY.
    How can I introduce you to her. Whereever she goes people are amazed by her style….

  • Those are women who know how to stay young !

  • Love these women and your book. Truely an inspiration.

  • It's greats!!!