Last Night in New Orleans

Here is the last photo from my trip to New Orleans of vintage dealer Princess Parchuke. Now I’m off to hit the cold streets of NYC!

  • you look very snazzy!

  • Princess Parchute was an apt ending to your New Orleans adventure. I loved seeing her and Cree McCree as bookends to the evergreen Linda Rodin. Thank you for showing that style and creativity know no age.

  • Anonymous

    I just love your blog and the documentary! I am 56 years old and had gotten my fashion sense from my beautiful great Aunt Kathleen. She had stayed fashionable all her life up until her death at 82. The ladies that you had done the documentary on brought back such fond memories of her…I thank you for believing in older women and the fashion of them that never dies.

  • She is wonderful and so beautifully attired. Love her.